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@  warpedrazer (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 08:59) happy birthday ceaser :D
@  Villhelm (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 09:07) lots of testing, watching a helicopter (Mi28) outpace an F14 is hilarious, particularly with the lack of stalling on the latter :P
@  Helios (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 13:06) just trim it out!
@  Helios (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 13:23) question and too lazy to create a topic about it... is there an interest for having a topic with all changelogs from workshop mods in there every time they update?
@  Thehelloguy (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 13:32) Wouldn't mind that :)
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 13:34) Maybe big changelogs, not something that has like 5 things changed in it unless they are 5 important changes.
@  CAESAR (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 13:44) Yes! (If its not too much work for you Helios)! Like Dave said, if they're tiny dont bother
@  Viktor (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 14:30) Helios, the old RG modpacks can just be deleted right?
@  bone (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 14:39) yes Viktor, I delete all my old mods before install to start fresh
@  Viktor (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 14:51) as for the optional mods, I can subscribe the workshop version in place of the old ones as well right?
@  bone (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 15:58) As i've understodd from the Legend himself(Helios): shactac no needed(is in pack), HRP(trackir) workshop, sound ones not yet active but also workshop later on
@  The Icarus (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 16:14) The RGS Salacia is very cool. Unless you friendly fire, because those guns are autonomous.
@  The Icarus (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 17:50) Streaming Crysis 2 and Killing Floor tonight! Stream starting in 10 minutes.
@  Viktor (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 18:48) thanks bone
@  Helios (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 19:58) to all: if you haven't seen it yet, we updated the pack and switched to workshop yesterday: http://forums.realit...-indus/?p=15666
@  Helios (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 19:58) updated mods are needed for tomorrow
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 20:03) Helios thanks again mate for the time and effort!
@  Viktor (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 22:29) final check, is the server fully ready for the new mods, or is it something wrong on my part? all those mods show red. Reds everywhere.
@  stabcon (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 22:44) yes, server is up to date
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 21 Nov 17 - 22:49) If you are trying to join via the A3 Launcher then it'll all show up red, launch the game and search through the game browser and they should be green unless you are missing something

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Who are we?

Vegas are the first spear in the Reality Gaming Task Force, tasked with reconnaissance and direct action missions. We are comprised of senior and junior NCOs, Vegas encompasses a wealth of ARMA and military experience and stand as pillars of the community, supporting the Task Force with advice and training. The team are flexible in remit and mission responsibility, ready to adapt to any circumstance or Task Force requirement. VEGAS operate as a small team at company level as part of a combined arms Task Force, conducting reconnaissance, providing Search and Rescue capacity (SAR), Path finding, HVT extraction and elimination and operating within a unique environment using specialist equipment.


Applying to join:

Vegas are a small close knit team of 8-10 players who play and train regularly each week. If you are looking for a team to run around and destroy anything without rhyme or reason, then this isn't the group for you. We expect members of the team to be analytical and considerate of the environment that RG's Dev team have created. Whilst we tend to take missions a bit more seriously and expect better attendance, the team have to be close and friendly in order for us to succeed. All members must have a professional attitude, self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to improve the experience of other members of RG.


Available Ranks:


The initial rank all new applicants take upon joining Vegas, having completed a four week trial. You are expected to demonstrate a consistent performance and attendance whilst serving as a Specialist, moreover members are regarded as still being on trial and are expected to go from strength to strength before attaining a permanent rank.


Corporal are permanent positions within the team, Corporals usually have over a years experience in Vegas and can effectively perform multiple roles. They are expected to excel in their specialism and develop teaching skills to distribute amongst the team and the Task Force.


A senior NCO within Vegas, second to the Chief. Assists with planning of training, personal Vegas development and liaison to other Task Force units..

Staff Sergeant

The Senior NCO in charge of Vegas.


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