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@  Guss (Fri 26 May 17 - 12:57) Congratulations!
@  Guss (Fri 26 May 17 - 13:12) How to break an NPC's heart
@  stabcon (Fri 26 May 17 - 13:52) congrats @Jay-Eff a new shiny ribbon has been awarded
@  Mars (Fri 26 May 17 - 13:59) Congrats! :)
@  Riott (Fri 26 May 17 - 14:14) Grats dude!
@  Jay-Eff (Fri 26 May 17 - 14:18) Thanks everybody, especially the 2nd Lt that kept recommending I apply ;)
@  Andrews (Fri 26 May 17 - 17:39) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Vassago. View Vassago's Profile
@  Veged (Fri 26 May 17 - 20:07) Malden on Dev branch as of now
@  stabcon (Fri 26 May 17 - 20:55) oooooo
@  Mozzy (Fri 26 May 17 - 21:37) Well done Jay ;)
@  Barnes.J (Fri 26 May 17 - 22:42) Free Rising Storm on Humble Bundle. Another 18 hours, guys.
@  Andrews (Sat 27 May 17 - 01:53) @Jay-Eff Bravo
@  Tristan (Sat 27 May 17 - 11:35) Hot in the city, its hot in the city tonight....
@  Andrews (Sat 27 May 17 - 13:29) Im going full zoidberg in this sun!
@  The Icarus (Sat 27 May 17 - 14:26) We just hit 30 degrees here!
@  CAESAR (Sat 27 May 17 - 14:40) Too hot!
@  Tristan (Sat 27 May 17 - 14:50) Yeah its insane, 33 here atm....
@  pvt_p3te (Sat 27 May 17 - 17:15) Glad I finished work early today x) absolute melt down
@  Breacher (Sat 27 May 17 - 17:49) heheh Pathetic :) Just be happy you dont have ramadan in this melt down XD
@  pvt_p3te (Sat 27 May 17 - 18:10) how about being in the middle of this... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40069865

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Combined Support Group

Who are we?

The Combined Support Group (Talon) operates all assets that are outside the remit of traditional infantry combat to enhance the experience of the RG Task Force. We are trusted to operate equipment that has a higher-than-normal probability of directly contributing to each member’s milsim experience at RG and we reward this trust with the utmost professionalism and discipline when operating this equipment, whilst trying to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanour.


Our remit:

-To provide the Task Force with considerate, precise and disciplined heavy fire support.

-Aerial support and logistics support as required by the mission.

-This could range from Mortars, Javelins and Humvees to Main Battle Tanks and Aircraft.

-To use all equipment in a responsible, controlled and considerate manner.

-To provide atmosphere, authenticity and firepower to RG missions.


Applying to join:

If you’re looking to drive around in tanks and blow stuff up then this unit is NOT for you. We want people who have a real desire to create an immersive and interesting experience for the other members of RG. We carry a lot of responsibility and trust on our shoulders and as such, all members must have a professional attitude, self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to improve the experience of other members of RG.


Available Ranks:


The initial rank all new recruits take upon entering Talon. Once your four week trial is complete and you have shown competence/improvement in all areas you will be promoted to Specialist.


The most common rank within Talon. Specialists are experts in their chosen field. They can command a team and work to a high standard without support.


A senior NCO within Talon. These members are the voice of Talon and act as liaisons between Talon and other units within the Task Force.

Staff Sergeant

The Senior NCO in charge of Talon.

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