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@  CAESAR (Thu 07 Dec 17 - 21:37) Mr Longrange
@  The Icarus (Fri 08 Dec 17 - 04:15) I just realized why December the 8th is such an important day. The Grand Tour Season 2! :D
@  Daveo1996 (Fri 08 Dec 17 - 12:23) Woohoo!!!
@  The Icarus (Sat 09 Dec 17 - 05:44) After pulling several all-nighters over the past week, my mortar computer is nearing completion. B)
@  stabcon (Sat 09 Dec 17 - 13:29) looking forward to checking it out
@  Guss (Sun 10 Dec 17 - 12:11) Am I missing shit :P just read blackhawks with rocket pods. It's getting time for me to come back!
@  Andrews (Sun 10 Dec 17 - 22:26) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force AdamUKcef. View AdamUKcef's Profile
@  Helios (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 11:50) 1000km of traffic jams in a country with not much more roads... kinda... You gotta love the snow!
@  Helios (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 11:55) and Proficiat Icarus!
@  Villhelm (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 12:37) Talon are going to have to explain the typerating to me :P
@  The Icarus (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 13:00) Thanks Helios ;)
@  CAESAR (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 13:28) Happy birthday Icarus!
@  T.Perkins (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 15:26) Anyone know of any liberation servers?
@  stabcon (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 15:47) coming soontm
@  stabcon (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 15:48) as for public servers, I'm afraid not mate, RG has spoiled with actual teamwork and good people to play with, so I tend to avoid peasant, erm I mean public servers
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 16:20) Think we need to up the weekly sacrifices and maybe one might appear :)
@  CAESAR (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 18:38) Vegas SOPs have been updated for anyone interested.
@  Guss (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 19:36) @Caesar I think the FRIES link of US NSW personnel is broken.
@  CAESAR (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 19:38) Replaced anyway.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 11 Dec 17 - 22:10) Assassins Creed Black Flag free on Uplay :)

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Platoon Command [GAMBLER]

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The main infantry unit in Taskforce RG is Gambler. It is the core fighting force excelling in all our tasks. Gambler is specialized in a wide range of skills, including among others: direct assault, ambush, defense, counter-attack, shoot-and-scoot, marching fire, airborne- air- and mechanized operations, and FISH and CHIPS.

Gambler consists currently of 5 groups, Platoon Command, Platoon Medics and 3 Rifle Squads.

Platoon Command is the governing body of Gambler and consists of First Lieutenant TAE and Second Lieutenant Stabcon. They make sure Gambler stays as sharp as a razor and get the job done in a quick and effective manner.

The Platoon Medics are experts in their field. Their received training and knowledge allows them to help all wounded and get everyone back up on their feet in a jiffy. Bullet wounds, broken legs, head trauma, bee stings or just explosive diarrhea... they have seen it all. The medical teamconsists of Specialist L.Banks and Specialist A.Sheppard.

​Platoon Command Addressing Gambler

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The 4 Rifle Squads within Gambler are Arrow, Blade,Cutlass and Dussack - all named after deadly pointy weapons that kill, just like the squads themselves. The squads consist of nine men and are made up of a Squad Leader and a Second in command, a grenadier, a marksman, two automatic riflemen, a anti-armour specialist, a squad medic and a mechanic.

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As it stands, Arrow is led by Sergeant Villhelm, Blade is led Sergeant Fluffy, Cutlass is led by Sergeant Derby and Dussack is led by Sergeant Obi. Each squad has is own characteristics and is individually really strong, but as a team we're unstoppable.

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There is a wise saying:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If you want both, join Gambler."

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