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@  Andrews (Sun 11 Oct 20 - 06:27)

Happy Birthday Vill, man happy returns!

@  Jay-Eff (Sun 11 Oct 20 - 12:00)

Happy birthday

@  stabcon (Sun 11 Oct 20 - 13:56)

NCO's coming to briefing this evening please be logged in to Discord as well, thanks!

@  Andrews (Mon 12 Oct 20 - 15:05)

If you missed it you suck! :D

@  marius (Mon 12 Oct 20 - 15:44)

:( looked like an awesome mission!

@  Andrews (Mon 12 Oct 20 - 16:10)

It was a great turn out Marius, you get in the next one :D

@  Reti4 (Tue 13 Oct 20 - 12:58)

Kimbo - "How's Ben doing?" Reti - "He's been better..." : https://puu.sh/GCxUp/ae0bb7588e.jpg

@  lllBENlll (Wed 14 Oct 20 - 00:38)

Hey Vill late Happy Birthday "may the force live long and prosper'

@  Andrews (Sun 18 Oct 20 - 11:16)

Battle day chaps! Let's get that support in for this month gents, smash that target!

@  Andrews (Sun 18 Oct 20 - 13:19)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Robcat. View Robcat's Profile

@  The Icarus (Wed 21 Oct 20 - 17:24)

Fallout series 60-70% off on Steam, and Fallout 76 free to try for 5 days!

@  Andrews (Fri 23 Oct 20 - 14:07)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Pilgrim. View Pilgrim's Profile

@  Hood (Sat 24 Oct 20 - 15:18)

Going to host a game of Among Us at 7pm today. If you're interested then please let me know

@  T.Perkins (Sun 25 Oct 20 - 01:32)

Hoping to join you guys either this Sunday or Wednesday :)

@  Andrews (Sun 25 Oct 20 - 02:23)

Welcome back mate

@  Andrews (Sun 25 Oct 20 - 10:07)

Just me and some hunters in the woods

@  Reti4 (Sun 25 Oct 20 - 21:21)

https://puu.sh/GGJwf/539f5dde51.jpg Flying Hovercraft corpses: AKA The moment Arrow shat itself.

@  Guss (Mon 26 Oct 20 - 17:50)

Come liberate Anizay this Friday 30th @ 19h00

@  Villhelm (Mon 26 Oct 20 - 22:43)

Servers going down for RHS update

@  stabcon (Tue 27 Oct 20 - 18:33)

Training post up, apologies for the delay



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The Purple Heart (Individual) Show the Reason for the Award Presented to those with 5+ confirmed deaths (by enemy action) during official deployment.