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@  Andrews (Fri 13 Nov 20 - 15:46)

Plunder booty and some noob called Andrews

@  Guss (Fri 13 Nov 20 - 16:01)

This is why Tae!!

@  Ante (Fri 13 Nov 20 - 20:35)

omg guss :D

@  Villhelm (Fri 13 Nov 20 - 23:51)

Following the success today you can also do some Zeus ops

@  Andrews (Sat 14 Nov 20 - 17:49)

Thanks for putting this on it was a great fun! I sent a PM with some feedback :)

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 15 Nov 20 - 00:00)

God I remember that one spooky OP we did with Andrews and how by |||BEN||| just speaking scared the shit out of me lol!

@  The Icarus (Sun 15 Nov 20 - 21:25)

Talon coming in

@  lllBENlll (Mon 16 Nov 20 - 11:56)

@Thehelloguy no worries your scream scared me aswell ;)

@  Thehelloguy (Mon 16 Nov 20 - 22:58)

@|||BEN||| LOL I don't I been this much scared in a long as while!

@  Andrews (Tue 17 Nov 20 - 14:51)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Maggot. View Maggot's Profile

@  Villhelm (Thu 19 Nov 20 - 20:46)

Servers down due to ACE update, bare with us, unfortunately all the optionals updated too!

@  Andrews (Thu 19 Nov 20 - 23:58)

Thanks for the update

@  Riott (Fri 20 Nov 20 - 20:22)

Servers should be back up, catch me on steam if any issues arrive

@  Villhelm (Sat 21 Nov 20 - 11:56)

Thanks Riott - remember all update your Arma3sync!

@  Villhelm (Sat 21 Nov 20 - 16:01)

Zombies tonight anyone?

@  Villhelm (Sat 21 Nov 20 - 16:02)

7.30 pm - make sure mods are up to date

@  Andrews (Sun 22 Nov 20 - 22:08)

Did you guys see this from SAT night? Running

@  stabcon (Sun 22 Nov 20 - 22:45)

when you need to help the squad but you have to fire a rocket through two doorways https://steamuserima...344363FC6D6D94/

@  CAESAR (Sun 22 Nov 20 - 23:39)

Post a stamp and send it :D

@  Refurius (Mon 23 Nov 20 - 19:03)

that was an incredible shot stabs



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