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@  Obi (Wed 10 Apr 19 - 14:26) *Insert joke about Kimbo here*
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 10 Apr 19 - 16:53) Obi I thought you were better than this :P
@  Obi (Wed 10 Apr 19 - 17:23) Its the same as with my Mortars: When you're involved, we both fall short :P
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@  stabcon (Sun 14 Apr 19 - 21:19) Great job tongiht guys, hope you enjoyed it http://forums.realit..._41_1605022.png
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@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 18:20) @All currently an issue with servers, under investigation and will update you all when sorted
@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 20:08) @All please update your A3Sync folder to connect to servers
@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 20:08) http://forums.realit...?showtopic=2796
@  AHM (Wed 17 Apr 19 - 15:38) Ubisoft's giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for a limited time.
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Apr 19 - 16:27) Please ensure 3sync is up to date for tonights session
@  Exshift (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 18:30) did anyone encounter this problem in training server ? https://i.imgur.com/0ZzKgXa.jpg
@  Obi (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 18:58) You sure you have ACE loaded? If you do and that happens, try unsubbing from it, waiting a bit for it to uninstll, and the resubbing to it on workshop and it should be fixed
@  Villhelm (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 21:42) Also make sure Battleye is disabled
@  Whigital (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 12:37) Be advised, Spec4Gear seems to be back on the Workshop
@  stabcon (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 12:51) yeah, no need to do anything now :)
@  Whigital (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 13:52) For me the SW version got added to the launcher again, so it would've loaded twice without deselecting it from the profile
@  stabcon (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 15:37) fair enough, make sure no one is loading spec gear tonight then ;)
@  Andrews (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 20:02) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force williamle12. View williamle12's Profile
@  Greeny1911 (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 20:41) if anyone has the audio form mission start do let me know xD


Operation Blue Shield

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    By RG Stabcon


    Operation Blue Shield
    ISSUE DATE: 11/04/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    The Chernarus region is collapsing, decades of conflict have resulted in a brutal civil war between the Chernarussian movement of the red star (ChKDZ) and government forces. The ChDKZ, a brutal regime, have secured much of the southern region and were in the process of pushing North to wipe out the remnants of the government forces. However following an emergency meeting of the UN security council amid reports of genocide, and a reckless disregard of the Geneva convention (from both sides), an agreement was met allowing the UN to provide security for the populace and to allow aid agencies to help with the humanitarian crisis. The UN presence has cooled hostilities for some time, however increasing threats and sporadic military action throughout the region in recent days has caused the council to re assess its standing, with approval for more affirmative action granted, RG has been requested to assist due to their experience in combat situations compared to troops currently stationed there.



    Although other UN Forces are present, RG is responsible for overall security of the region.

    Recently workers and officials for IDAP (based at Stary Sobor) went missing, despite a search being conducted they have been unable to be found. Since that time, all supplies bound for the IDAP camp have been intercepted by ChDKZ forces, sometimes with lethal force.

    Tensions have increased between the opposing sides, government forces have set up a ‘no-fly zone’ around their main base of operations in the North East and have threatened lethal force should any aircraft breach it. SIGINT confirms presence of AA positions.

    ChDKZ Forces have taken full control of Chernagorsk, reports of atrocities occurring are unconfirmed yet likely. Main roads leading away from the cities have been mined, preventing much civilian travel.

    ChDKZ forces have been bolstered by new political ties with Russia. It is believed weapons and vehicles have been supplied as part of this.

    Russian air forces have been detected patrolling outside of the restricted areas. Intelligence believes ChDKZ forces may be preparing an assault on Government forces.





    Due to the situation, IDAP supplies were routed via UN channels and have been delivered to RG base.

    RG is to facilitate the delivery of supplies to IDAP personnel and to provide security assistance where required.

    RG will have the following available:

    • 7x FV150 Warrior

    • 4x UH1H Huey

    • 1x AH-1Z Cobra

    • 2x F/A-18 E

    • 1x MV22 Osprey

    • 1x Hercules

    • Various supply crates.

    • Ammo/refuel/support vehicles.

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent



    Provide security at the  IDAP camp (062077) to allow for delivery of supplies

    Clear the Moginov road of mines 071069 - 075059

    Conduct a presence patrol south toward Chernagorsk




    Patrol the no-fly zone borders

    Deliver IDAP Supplies to location

    Provide medevac/insertions as requested

    Conduct Air presence patrols on request







    ROE: Tight

    Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  





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