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@  The Icarus (Sun 12 May 19 - 21:55) Apologies for the server going down mid-mission everyone. Tech staff is working hard to find the best way forward.
@  Andrews (Thu 16 May 19 - 05:24) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force yeeet. View yeeet's Profile
@  AHM (Fri 17 May 19 - 12:38) Steep is free to claim on Uplay for anyone interested.
@  stabcon (Sun 19 May 19 - 12:23) Reminder Leaders Briefing starts at 1720 BST tonight.
@  bone (Sun 19 May 19 - 20:10) Who was cosplaying Euron Greyjoy tonight? https://youtu.be/jMIdXbX_Aqo
@  Andrews (Sun 19 May 19 - 20:10) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Kear. View Kear's Profile
@  Lethals (Mon 20 May 19 - 11:03) Oops.. apologies, didn't realise it would land near you guys haha
@  bone (Mon 20 May 19 - 11:27) Out of 2 bad options(this or getting gunned down by heli) this was the most enjoyable :)
@  Refurius (Mon 20 May 19 - 13:29) Just surprised that it didn't bounce of the ground, do a flip, and then land on my head ... 500m south of the impact position. Wouldn't be the first time that happend .. :P
@  Obi (Mon 20 May 19 - 13:41) Slightly to the Right of that POV
@  Obi (Mon 20 May 19 - 13:55) 3-0/Vegas OW Element Hill withdrawal
@  Refurius (Mon 20 May 19 - 14:05) Arma DLC Teaser seems like a new DLC will be revealed on Thursday
@  The Icarus (Mon 20 May 19 - 14:26) I get the feeling this is going to be another mission pack.
@  A.Shepard (Mon 20 May 19 - 18:03) It'll be a single mission. You load in and you hear nuclear sirens going off. You get an objective update. "Survive".
@  Obi (Mon 20 May 19 - 18:16) Fixed link for the 3-0/Vegas OW Element Withdrawal
@  Barnes.J (Tue 21 May 19 - 10:58) Hopefully that will be something like Apex.
@  Refurius (Tue 21 May 19 - 14:16) ok I am calling it ... skynet.
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 21 May 19 - 18:19) The Sims 4 is free for a limited time on Origin :)
@  Andrews (Tue 21 May 19 - 20:43) @Daveo1996 I've got so many free games from this shout box, nice one!
@  The Icarus (Wed 22 May 19 - 08:57) It's a shame that I already have this one, and that the DLC are still expensive as hell.


Operation New Order

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    By RG D. Icarus


    New Order
    ISSUE DATE: 13/03/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    The area of Takistan has been mostly quiet for a long time. However a new threat seems to have emerged. Reportedly, several IEDs were found in the town of Nur. Civilians were evacuated from the area, by US soldiers, however several civilians refused to leave.

    One hour ago Nagara was hit by a low number of mortar shells. This likely took several days to prepare, making us believe that there is something bigger at play.

    Although it would normally take a while to find out where the enemy came from and currently is holding up, we were lucky enough that the enemy made one large mistake. Only shortly after the mortar fire happened, a civilian helicopter was shot down. Based on triangulation of the SOS signal, this may have helped us find where the enemy is holding up.

    RG Task
    TFRG is to secure the affected towns and provide aid to the locals through the means of giving away our back-up supply of MREs and water. The locals will also receive some money to rebuild their homes, and some bandages to deal with long term injuries.

    Search for the downed civilian helicopter in order to rescue the pilot and search the area where the SOS signal was transmitted.

    RG will have the following available:

    • 1x M1220 (M2 CROWS)
    • 2x M1120 (M2)
    • 2x M1025A2 (M2)
    • 2x M1043A2 (Unarmed)
    • 4x MAN HX58 6x6 Cargo Trucks
    • 4x HX58 6x6 Cargo Containers
    • 2x HH-60A twin M2 (with FRIES)
    • 2x CH-47F (Desert)
    • 2x AH-6M

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Check for IEDs along the roads towards Nagara and Nur
    • Secure the town of Nagara (030098)
      • Check the town for IEDs
      • Leave civilians alone unless they get in your way
    • Secure the town of Nur (018117)
      • Detain any remaining civilians
      • Clear the town of IEDs


    • Search for downed civilian heli (01 08)
    • Deliver at least one HX58 cargo container to the town of Nagara (030098)
    • Deliver at least one HX58 cargo container to the town of Nur (018117)


    • Search for downed civilian heli (01 08)
    • Perform recce in the area of (01 07)

    ROE: Tight

    Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  




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