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@  Jay-Eff (Sun 07 Jul 19 - 17:41) I really liked that presentation set up. It's about time we had PowerPoint integration :D
@  Andrews (Sun 07 Jul 19 - 18:17) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Lufast. View Lufast's Profile
@  William (Mon 08 Jul 19 - 17:12) Vegas Undercover Science base Infilitration
@  Andrews (Tue 09 Jul 19 - 16:53) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Heav. View Heav's Profile
@  Aatoshi (Tue 09 Jul 19 - 18:15) Great Video William
@  Riott (Wed 10 Jul 19 - 17:07) Servers updated for cba
@  Guss (Wed 10 Jul 19 - 17:59) This friday at 19h00 we'll head off to secure the towns of Takistan once again during an EARLY MORNING patrol!
@  Andrews (Thu 11 Jul 19 - 11:09) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force CarsaurusRex. View CarsaurusRex's Profile
@  Daveo1996 (Thu 11 Jul 19 - 18:42) Age of wonders 3 is free on steam for limited time.
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@  Andrews (Sat 13 Jul 19 - 16:00) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Mekonium. View Mekonium's Profile
@  Obi (Mon 15 Jul 19 - 09:42) Love the Origins post, Stabs!
@  Refurius (Tue 16 Jul 19 - 17:24) Darksiders Franchise sale on steam midweek madness. I love it to bits so check it out
@  Andrews (Wed 17 Jul 19 - 13:18) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force BearI91. View BearI91's Profile
@  Refurius (Fri 19 Jul 19 - 10:19) Space sale on steam! Recommending Stellaris (and all DLCs) Elite Dangerous, and Prey
@  Guss (Fri 19 Jul 19 - 13:31) Just bought Prey for €5 :D
@  Shlee (Sun 21 Jul 19 - 14:46) we need more streams https://twitchtheate...3/vod=449523493 :)
@  The Icarus (Sun 21 Jul 19 - 15:43) I will likely start streaming again after I move to a new place at the end of this month
@  Seanster (Sun 21 Jul 19 - 20:22) Sgt. Pink :D
@  Jay-Eff (Sun 21 Jul 19 - 20:27) A nice story behind the mission tonight. A fond farewell. A yellow line will never be so special again.


Modpack Update: Orion

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    The staff here at RG are pleased to present the next iteration of our Modpack, codename Orion.



    Mod List:

    ACE3                                                                                                                   Panthera

    ACEX                                                                                                                  JBAD                                                 

    ACRE2                                                                                                                Lythium

    CBA_A3                                                                                                              MBG Buildings Killhouses

    CUP Terrains - Core                                                                                           MBG Buildings 3 (ARMA 2 Remaster)

    CUP Terrains - Maps                                                                                          Prei Khmaoch Luong

    CUP Units                                                                                                          RHS AFRF

    CUP Vehicles                                                                                                     RHS USAF

    CUP Weapons                                                                                                   RHS GREF

    3CB BAF Vehicles                                                                                              Spec 4 Gear

    3CB BAF Weapons                                                                                            RG Custom Content Pack

    3CB BAF Equipment                                                                                          Vidda

    Community Factions Project (CFP)                                                                   Anizay

    Rosche, Germany                                                                                              RG Essentials








    Update Info:

    The ultimate aim of this update was to provide mission makers with the tools in which to provide more in depth and immersive missions, utilising a broader array of enemy factions and equipment. On top of this, we will be adopting 'A3Sync' for the management of the RG Essentials pack, allowing us to provide micro updates to keep some of our mods up to date. If you've never used A3Sync before don't worry, a separate thread will be released soon to show you how to set it up. Some minor tweaks to loadouts and crates have been made, as well as some gear being replaced allowing us to remove some mods altogether. We have also adopted a couple of new maps and removed some older ones we felt were underused or didn't add enough variety to the pack.

    All in all, we hope that this update will bring in some more variety, opportunities and experiences to our missions.






    Full details can be found in the release thread


    Instructions to download and set up A3Sync are here


    Any problems you have should be directed to Ptero or another member of the technical team.




    A note from Stab:


    Although I'm the one asking for things to be done, these updates could not be done without the help and dedication of tech staff. A huge thank you to Ptero for dealing with my constant demands for more and putting the pack together, Icarus for sorting the templates, and Riott for making sense of the Matrix in the back end and keeping on top of things.

    A big thank you to the section leads for the discussions, testing and brainstorming that put these updates into motion. 

    For me, this update is primarily 'opfor focused'. On the surface, not much will have changed for many of you, but we hope that the missions will show why we wanted to add in things like CUP. We may get a few new toys to play with, but that's more by luck than design.

    I'll take this opportunity to thank all of you for your dedication and enthusiasm for RG. You are what makes this community what it is. Lets make 2019 a great year for RG






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