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@  lllBENlll (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 17:32) A3sync should be a great option for us to keep mods updated without doing anything if ot is set up once
@  Henrik (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 17:32) I started working on an alternative for my former group and it's still in development. Meanwhile it's become open source (since I left my former group upon joining RG)
@  CAESAR (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 18:35) I get that you have had some bad experiences with it (trust me, old RG guys have had worse!), but Ptero and the other devs have put a metric fuck load of work into the pack and updates we need in future wont be possible without a sync client, so let's get behind that before we start complaining or backseat devving.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 18:40) ^ was about to put something similiar to you there Caesar, I'd like to also point out that there are proper channels for this sort feedback and it should be taken instead of the shoutbox, Well done to all those involved in keeping the RG Mods Train on the right tracks :)
@  pvt_p3te (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 19:12) Easiest guide going for the install and use of A3Sync. Cheers Ptero and everyone involved making/compiling the new pack!
@  The Icarus (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 19:23) Server 2 restarting for 1 last time to update RGTA. Completed
@  Henrik (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 21:14) I was simply pointing out previous experience, and I'm far from saying someone's doing their job wrong.
@  Henrik (Mon 11 Feb 19 - 21:14) That's the end of it from me.
@  William (Tue 12 Feb 19 - 13:23) Vegas Assaulting the Destroyer on Sunday
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 12 Feb 19 - 13:49) I advise anyone who has not yet done so to start setting up the new mod pack, really easy to follow step by step guide from Ptero and plenty of people willing to help if you have issues, unless you really want to be that guy who decides to sort it out 5 mins before training tomoz
@  pvt_p3te (Tue 12 Feb 19 - 23:17) Been giving Talon guys a bit of a hard time.. https://www.facebook...34469033470836/
@  Guss (Wed 13 Feb 19 - 16:51) Ha wtf
@  The Icarus (Wed 13 Feb 19 - 20:47) ATTENTION ALL: If you are getting kicked please send a PM to Riott and Ptero with your client log from tonight, these can be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Arma 3
@  Andrews (Thu 14 Feb 19 - 20:24) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force moody. View moody's Profile
@  Andrews (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 13:51) ALL - Please consider supporting RG this month! Let's keep this place going :)
@  lllBENlll (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 22:35) is there someone around who still got the old mods on his pc and could do me a favour
@  lllBENlll (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 23:06) ok i made it on my own no worries
@  Villhelm (Sat 16 Feb 19 - 10:57) Get your mods updated people and RSVP!
@  The Icarus (Sun 17 Feb 19 - 17:34) Lets go!
@  marius (Mon 18 Feb 19 - 18:10) Thats one broken down T-72


[SUNDAY OP] Drawstring

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    By RG Villhelm


    Operation Drawstring

    ISSUE DATE: 31/01/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    RG have been relatively successful in the capture of a number of high-profile prisoners over the past few weeks following our insertion into Afghanistan. It has been a propaganda success and the hot-bed of Lythium is finally showing signs of cracking. 


    In order for the prisoners to stand trial for their crimes at various courts around the world RG has been called in to transport these prisoners from our base in the north to a transport base in the south. Due to the accuracy of enemy machine-gun teams it has not been possible to fly the prisoners down. 


    At some point insurgent forces have notice our preparations and have decided that they would rather a light not be shed upon their crimes, mobilising quickly to block our routes and prevent any RG vehicle making its way to the south airfield. This has had a bonus for us in that it has revealed some of their bases and opened a window for us to destroy the last of the insurgency here.  


    Taskforce RG Task

    RG have 30 prisoners to transport, all of whom are lieutenants or higher in the insurgency and as such are vital to the enemy war effort. 


    They are required to be moved to the C17 stationed at the south airbase, where we will then join them on a flight out of here. 


    Vegas, in an effort to disrupt efforts to halt us, will be performing raids on insurgent bases and hopefully clearing Firebase Tango, a term used for the enemy headquarters 


    RG will have the following available:

    • 20x Humvee M2

    • 2x Transport Trucks

    • 1x Logistics Truck

    • 1x UH 60 M2

    • Smaller transport vehicles

    • Various supply crates.

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Convoy to South Airfield



    • Transport reinserts/resupplies.

    • Provide CAS as requested.

    • As per Command.



    • Perform Raids against insurgent camps

    • Clear Firebase Tango

    • Destroy any Weapons Caches

    • QRF if required by convoy


    ROE: Tight, more info to follow

    Cpt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  




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