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@  Viktor (Mon 30 Mar 20 - 23:05) thanks anyway, I could get him started with the basics before Guss gets to him to speed things up a bit
@  Adrian (Tue 31 Mar 20 - 12:33) Hi, I am the guy that Viktor talked about.
@  stabcon (Tue 31 Mar 20 - 15:57) Hi Adrian, please keep a look out for a PM off a team member soon. Thank you!
@  Adrian (Tue 31 Mar 20 - 17:15) Hi Stabcon. Shall do so. Appreciate for the info.
@  Guss (Wed 01 Apr 20 - 09:28) Is it possible that server 2 hasn't been updated (new steam workshop update)?
@  Seanster (Wed 01 Apr 20 - 12:33) Bannerlord Discount
@  Viktor (Wed 01 Apr 20 - 14:08) April Fools discount?
@  Andrews (Wed 01 Apr 20 - 18:11) @Seanster :D
@  chrisob (Wed 01 Apr 20 - 18:13) https://www.humblebu...ustdrive_bundle
@  Andrews (Thu 02 Apr 20 - 05:47) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force SkautsLV. View SkautsLV's Profile
@  pvt_p3te (Thu 02 Apr 20 - 22:23) Last flight for a while :’( https://youtu.be/9GxPKv_6CVs
@  Guss (Fri 03 Apr 20 - 10:48) a sad sad day
@  lexxix (Fri 03 Apr 20 - 16:44) Casual ops upcoming in hour and 20 mins. Server 3
@  CAESAR (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 00:31) Thanks Lex!
@  Andrews (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 11:04) Main RG site has been updated (currently bug testing) http://realitygamer.org/ - Working on forum update as well.
@  Veter (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 11:35) Woah that's sick!
@  Seanster (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 11:37) Looking good
@  KIMBO (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 12:34) Nice!
@  Guss (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 12:37) Amazing!
@  Shlee (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 13:27) I love it :D

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Toggle %s Operation Andorii

Posted By:  CAESAR @ Yesterday, 04:14




ISSUE DATE: 13/03/2020


The hostilities between the Andorian Republic and Vulcan Separatist Movement erupted nearly six months ago, Andoria refuses to commit ground occupation forces to siege the towns and cities under Vulcan control and thus the Separatists have been allowed to endure, scarcely more than under the cosh of the Andorian military might. However, the situation has changed, the movement that should be low on supplies, assets and morale have been resupplied with a fresh sense of optimism, air support and artillery capability. Whomever has resupplied the movement has done so via the T'Pau airfield, once of the first scalps the Vulcans took as the insurrection played out. Andorian armoured and mechanised divisions remain south of the front line, but the Navy has offered to insert an assault group deep into their territory to capture or destroy the T'Pau airstrip. If successful, Andorian divisions will sweep in from the south to establish new footholds.
Operation Andorii. The plans have been laid, weapons cleaned and kit prepared. Taskforce RG are combat jumping into Northern Chernarus to retake the T'Pau airfield from Vulcan separatists





  • 2x CH53E 

  • 2x UH1Y MG

  • Rearm/Refuel assets are available




Operational Plan
As per command



Squad operational intent




Seize and hold T'Pau Airfield.








Locate the missing Commando Plane




Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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Toggle %s AGENDA 1st April 2020

Posted By:  Villhelm @ 31 March 2020 - 18:05




Wednesday 01/04/20 - Schedule and Agenda

Training - 19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


All recruits or any member that has not completed BCT is to report to Villhelm to be assigned onto basic training for the first hour


  • 18:55- Recruit Assignment & Load Onto Server
  • 19:00- Taskforce Briefing
  • 19:05- Training Begins
  • 20:45- Training End & Debrief


Gambler - Individual 


Talon - Individual


Vegas - Individual




Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:




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Toggle %s RG: Response To Covid-19

Posted By:  stabcon @ 30 March 2020 - 16:03

Our Response To Covid-19





To all our current members and friends.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is effecting many of our lives. Even if you are lucky enough to not become unwell, other factors will undoubtedly effect you in some way. 


Whilst the world seems as though it is turning upside down, we would like to re-assure you all that we aim to keep providing you with regular sessions, a place to unwind and generally a little place that can remain normal.


That being said, we also appreciate the fact that life is currently very stressful for many of us and whilst we aim to remain a constant, we also realise that milsim by its very nature can be stressful. Life is intense enough at the moment and we do not want to add to it. We may not be able to mobilise in the real world to do anything, but we can certainly mobilise online to make things a little easier for all of us.


After discussion with some staff and leaders I have taken the decision to implement some changes for the forseeable future. We want to 'lighten the mood' somewhat, whilst still providing you all with a consistent milsim experience.





Attendance requirements are now relaxed. Whilst we still encourage you all to RSVP so we can co-ordinate missions, if you dont feel like attending, no problem, no one will say anything and your position is not at risk.


Wednesday training will be more focused toward small scale missions, or 'fun' sessions. PvP, Co-Op game modes or small ops linked to sunday missions. Some large scale training may still be organised, but this will only be conducted if relevant to a Sunday mission. If however squads or sections want to conduct an individual training, the opportunity is always there.


'Casual Ops' server will be bought back online ASAP. This will provide the community with missions such as Liberation, Antistasi etc which willbe running every day except for official sessions.


Restrictions on Sunday missions will be relaxed. We can now play as any faction, allow use of limited arsenal etc. Full instructions on this will be sent to mission makers soon.




It is important to note that our values and standards will not be relaxed, and while we will do our best to ensure you can have a great time with as little stress as possible, that will only be possible with your help and the right attitude.


Whilst this is going on, note that our TS and community is open to all. If you have friends who like the idea of milsim but dont want to sign up, bring them along for a taster, no commitment. Bring people on to our TS and Discord to hang out. Look out for your squad and section. If you would like to host a Zeus mission, but use different mods, reach out to us. At a time when many people are isolated, we should use the tools we have to come together.


Stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands,


I look forward to gaming with you all soon





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Toggle %s Neon Rain

Posted By:  Villhelm @ 27 March 2020 - 19:04



By RG Villhelm



Neon Rain
ISSUE DATE: 13/03/2020


The youngest generation of Orlovs is starting to come into the fold and is already picking up some of their brother's bad habits, with their hometown of Berezino as the main sector for their choice of arms dealing.
No longer are tanks and BMPs the order of the day but instead its digital weaponry, with computer systems and advanced missiles being the main stock traded these days, no chemical weapons so far but its only a matter of time.
While some of these missile defences are active, there is a weakness, a dam to the north is powering all of these amazing gizmos, and the missiles have a 10km range. We can get over them.
Drop in, grab what intel you can, we are findig where these brothers are and will then be able to take them out





    • 5x C130 (Transport, at 10,000m height)

    • 2x Merlin HC4 32

    • 6x F18 E

    • 2x Wildcat (CAS/Transport)

    • RGS Tlaloc Anti-Air Destroyer (includes 120mm Cannon, CIWS x2, Mk48 missiles and Cruise missiles)

    • Various supply crates

    • Ammo and refuel truck




Operational Plan
As per command



Squad operational intent




  • Assault and secure Berezino

  • Find Intel on Orlov Brothers (Laptops and similar)



  • Artillery Support

  • CAS/CAP Support

  • Reinsert/Resupply



  • Drop into Northern Dam

  • Turn of Generators to enemy missile defence.

  • Defend dam against counterattack

  • If possible, assault enemy airfield.



ROE: Tight

Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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