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Most Liked Content

#16260 Deployment 10 - Vietnam

Posted by Villhelm on 11 February 2018 - 17:56



April 8th-April 29th 2018


The Situation - Welcome to the Jungle

The year is 1969 and the Vietnam war is fully underway, Nixon has just become President and was looking for a new platoon to throw at the VC. RG; having been in various wars across Asia and Europe since 1942 is combat ready and raring to go. Armed with the very best in equipment and with the best commanders they can find, RG are shipped across to the Vietnam DMZ. Unfortunatly the equipment and commanders were lost at sea, as such we have what was with us on the plane.

Landing at Airbase Andrews we have sorted out what stuff we can and are getting aquanted with our Jungle environment. As it turns out the VC may not be the worst thing that it can throw at us, with disease and food shortages causing the loss of several men.

With our uniforms covered in mud and rifles frequently jamming, RG is in its element of chaos.



Back to 1969, the various protests going on, the mud, the good old M16. The Hueys, RG is going to run completely differently in terms of our gear. Enjoy the change but be prepped for a tough enemy in tough terrain.


Things you will need:

1. A good pair of eyes (for the foliage/spotting the VC)

2. A serious disposition (but with plenty of quotes)

3. Your buddy (so you can carry him out)

4. Your rifle (because without it, you are nothing)

5. Napalm (because we love the smell of it in the morning)


Get ready for the best damn time of your lives

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Posted by Andrews on 04 September 2016 - 19:24

Reality Gaming Simulations - PRESS RELEASE.
This forum will be used to discuss and develop our 8th deployment. All members have access to this forum, which will be made public closer to the operation time.Helios and other deployment organisers will post updates here for you to respond to and show support, if you wish to be part of the deployment team contact Helios directly.
Following internal meetings and the exceptional growth and development of our community - I am happy to be commissioning 4 operations for use by the RG Task Force to conduct our 8th official deployment.
Team and Development:
  • Project Leader: Helios
  • Development Lead: Mars
  • Development Mission Director: Mars / Helios
  • Mission Building Development: Helios
  • Story & Realism Consultant: Andrews
  • Military Consultants: NCO group
  • Media Content: Elementz / Stabcon
Deployment date is set for the 9th October 2016. Deployment will last 4 week (operations) from this date ending Sunday 30th October 2016. We will then return from deployment via camp RG. Deployment 9 is roughly projected in the first quarter of 2017.
Deployment Schedule:
Mission will take place 6PM Sunday. Missions will made by our staff mission builders who will be responsible for adding their objectives and completing them as per the deployment teams direction.
The Task Force will be deploying at FULL Capacity.
Story and Media:
Helios will produce the overall story and background. Role playing slots and other elements will be posted shortly. Reporters, photographers and other external RG media will be invited. 
Deployment Mission Settings:
We are aiming for persistent missions. Deaths and loses of equipment will be logged, death limits will be imposed, equipment, ammunition and reinforcements will be limited.
This will be tracked via alive and other methods.
These four missions are essentially what we have been preparing the task force for. We are creating something unique within the community. I look forward to learning from this deployment and working with you all on the future of Reality Gaming.
Head Admin
Reality Gaming Simulations

#12876 The world will never know how close...

Posted by Mars on 05 March 2017 - 17:42

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#18240 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by Andrews on 27 January 2019 - 16:45

Issuing Officer: Lt.Col Andrews

RG Member: Lt.Stabcon
New Assignment: Captain of the Task Force
Effective as of: 27 Jan 2019



Following the successful command of D10 and leading the Task Force from the Lt. position within Gambler with distinction. Showing his high skill in combat command while bringing all sections together. I, Lt.Col. Andrews, Senior officer of the Task Force hereby promote Lt.Stabcon to the rank of Captain, and bestow all rights and responsibilities to him awarded within this rank.




Current assignment to lead Gambler and the Task Force. Cpt.Stabcon will post any organisational changes (if any) down the line.

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#13215 [NEWS] Vegas Selection 2017

Posted by CAESAR on 27 March 2017 - 15:44





Vegas are the first spear in the Reality Gaming Task Force, tasked with reconnaissance and direct action missions. Comprised of Senior and junior NCOs, Vegas encompasses a wealth of ARMA and real world military experience, used to stand as pillars of the community and support the Task Force with advice and training.


Starting April 10th, Vegas will be running its selection for the year of 2017, with tests being put in place to test you and your abilities. These tests will take place on set dates that will be announced once the first applications have been sent in.



Applying to Join:

There are a few set requirements to be able to apply:



  • At least 5 months of active duty in RG



  • Good attendance



  • A professional attitude




Vegas are a small close knit team of 8-10 players who play and train regularly each week.

We expect members of the team to be analytical and considerate of the environment that RG's Dev team have created. Whilst we tend to take missions a bit more seriously and expect better attendance, the team has to be close and friendly in order for us to succeed.

All members must have self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to improve the experience of other members of RG.


IMPORTANT: Before you apply, make sure to let your squad leader know that you have the intention of applying to selection as to prevent any confusion in case you do get selected.


If you meet the requirements stated above and feel like you encompass the traits we are looking for, send CAESAR a PM on the forums with the following:




How long have you been in RG:

How long have you been in your squad:

Why do you want to join Vegas:




We look forward to your applications!

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#18697 Deployment 11 - Foreward

Posted by stabcon on 09 June 2019 - 14:28





Deployment 11






Well, what can I say, its been a long time coming. What started as, what can only be described as a treasure hunt long ago, has now finally reached a point where we can really get get going.
Its been a rocky road. Mod updates that broke near everything, personal lives, the main mod pack taking precedent, members leaving and returning, work! the list goes on, all these things have conspired and prevented us from being able to bring this deployment to you.
Finally though, I'm very happy to report that we are currently just crossing the T's, dotting the I's and keeping our fingers crossed that things don't update and break everything!
Our goal was always to bring you a unique deployment that would be difficult to replicate anywhere else, and I honestly think we are about to achieve that, the amount of hard work that people have put in is humbling and the deployment would simply not be possible without them. Their names are in the trailer above, but if I have missed anyone out, I apologise!
Although a launch date has not officially been set, its not far away at all. Over the next couple of weeks all the information will be released to you, from equipment the overall theme. We will also be releasing the modpack early so people can have the chance to build their own Friday/Saturday ops to run during the deployment phase.
This has been a community effort from the start and I'd like that to continue moving forward into deployment. Please use this forum to talk all things WW2, create stories, share histories, whatever you want to do. 
In the meantime I'd like to thank you all for your patience in waiting for this and I really hope it does live up to the hype! Feel free to comment or ask questions below about anything and I'll do my best to answer them!

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#16708 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by stabcon on 02 April 2018 - 21:26

Issuing Officer: Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Kimbo
New Assignment: Sgt
Effective as of: 2nd April 2018
Comments: it is with great pleasure that Kimbo is herby promoted to Sgt and Blade squad leader. Kimbo has shown his dedication to his squad, the platoon and the community as a whole since he first joined RG. Despite a rocky start getting lost on his first ever mission, he has grown into a capable and efficient leader. Blade are lucky to have him. We wish him every success in his new role.

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#18287 Modpack Update: Orion

Posted by stabcon on 10 February 2019 - 22:51








The staff here at RG are pleased to present the next iteration of our Modpack, codename Orion.



Mod List:

ACE3                                                                                                                   Panthera

ACEX                                                                                                                  JBAD                                                 

ACRE2                                                                                                                Lythium

CBA_A3                                                                                                              MBG Buildings Killhouses

CUP Terrains - Core                                                                                           MBG Buildings 3 (ARMA 2 Remaster)

CUP Terrains - Maps                                                                                          Prei Khmaoch Luong

CUP Units                                                                                                          RHS AFRF

CUP Vehicles                                                                                                     RHS USAF

CUP Weapons                                                                                                   RHS GREF

3CB BAF Vehicles                                                                                              Spec 4 Gear

3CB BAF Weapons                                                                                            RG Custom Content Pack

3CB BAF Equipment                                                                                          Vidda

Community Factions Project (CFP)                                                                   Anizay

Rosche, Germany                                                                                              RG Essentials








Update Info:

The ultimate aim of this update was to provide mission makers with the tools in which to provide more in depth and immersive missions, utilising a broader array of enemy factions and equipment. On top of this, we will be adopting 'A3Sync' for the management of the RG Essentials pack, allowing us to provide micro updates to keep some of our mods up to date. If you've never used A3Sync before don't worry, a separate thread will be released soon to show you how to set it up. Some minor tweaks to loadouts and crates have been made, as well as some gear being replaced allowing us to remove some mods altogether. We have also adopted a couple of new maps and removed some older ones we felt were underused or didn't add enough variety to the pack.

All in all, we hope that this update will bring in some more variety, opportunities and experiences to our missions.






Full details can be found in the release thread


Instructions to download and set up A3Sync are here


Any problems you have should be directed to Ptero or another member of the technical team.




A note from Stab:


Although I'm the one asking for things to be done, these updates could not be done without the help and dedication of tech staff. A huge thank you to Ptero for dealing with my constant demands for more and putting the pack together, Icarus for sorting the templates, and Riott for making sense of the Matrix in the back end and keeping on top of things.

A big thank you to the section leads for the discussions, testing and brainstorming that put these updates into motion. 

For me, this update is primarily 'opfor focused'. On the surface, not much will have changed for many of you, but we hope that the missions will show why we wanted to add in things like CUP. We may get a few new toys to play with, but that's more by luck than design.

I'll take this opportunity to thank all of you for your dedication and enthusiasm for RG. You are what makes this community what it is. Lets make 2019 a great year for RG






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#16925 D10 - Flight Home

Posted by Villhelm on 03 May 2018 - 16:54

"Written from a passenger seat on the flight home from Nam"


So D10 is over, am not a great fan of huge speeches (as you heard) but I thought id talk about how the timeline went. 


Few months ago, in fact, a few months before D9, i asked to run D9, that i wanted to mix it up and run it as a liberation style event (German Gear, our aircraft carrier blows up, think a slightly simpler version of D8 but with slightly more different stuff)


I was told D9 was already planned, but how about D10? Liberation was out (for reasons which are known to some) but i had a pretty much open book. 


So, WW2 or Vietnam. 


In short I chose Vietnam because I wanted there to be a nice balance. WW2 is great, but Talon instantly becomes an issue (gyro-copters and smaller maps for planes means there isn't a huge amount for them) I also have slight problems in keeping WW2 fine for all of our European squad mates, i don't want to deliberately offend and in short, in Vietnam no one really was the "Bad Guy". There was a proxy war between Soviets/china and the USA, both committing offences. 


So I had a setting, and missions were pretty easy. Big Heli insert mission, defensive Khe Sanh Mission, Boat patrol, Saigon. 


Lots of discussions with Stabs and Caesar later i began loadouts, UNSUNG had broken for about 3 months of coding time which was annoying but overall wasnt too hard (Thanks to dev teams of history for perfecting the template) but i settled on M16s for Gambler, SLR-style for Vegas, M60s (of course) for gunners and Hueys as our main platform. The pack was tested to hell and thrown out for you all to enjoy.


Highlights of each mission


First training: The sheer awe of people was humbling, it was really nice to see my hard work be appreciated, smokes from vehicles less so!


Mission 0: Watching Vegas clear town after town without a sweat, the final extract and Talon landing under fire.


Mission 1: Gambler insertions under fire were magical and Caesar putting a Bodybag on a dead pilot really added to the immersion. 


Mission 2: Riott/Mozzy being shot down, the defense of SF Base Willard was a mess, The push through the jungle.


Mission 3: The massacre and follow up defence, the co-ordination of the air strikes, the final evac.


Mission 4: That defence, my god was that awesome.


Ceremony: All the nice stuff you said, saying goodbye to about 8 months of prep was actually really sad for me, but thanks for all the kind words.



Id like to personally thank the following:


Stabs + Caesar- My god you guys were enthusiastic and helpful. Kept me very sane and re-assured. 


Talon- Thanks for flying, especially with some of that shit i pulled


Icarus, Ptero and Veged - You guys have had to hit the ground running, with some hiccups youve helped a hell of a lot


Obi, Kimbo, Dave and others - Thanks again for all the feedback and encouragement. 


Andrews - For letting me do this in the first place, for the feedback and the hilarious moments



Every bastard who sprayed the woods with their M16/M60/M14/L2A1 - Stop killing my guys, but in all seriousness thanks for playing




Overall Death Counts (Estimated)


RG: 80-100

VC - 1000+

NVA - 200-300 (didnt appear untill mission 3)



Nixon said of Vietnam "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." 


I hope you guys had a bit more fun


This is The Almighty Zeus Mission Maker and Deployment Champion Villhelm (Please for the love of god call me Vill or Will) 


Signing Off for the final time (in D10 anyway)



*This is your pilot speaking, we have reports of some undead appearing in Vietnam, we are turning the plane around*


Oh damnit, fine ill build Deployment Z3 (Vietnam Rising) then you assholes, cya in hell

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#16618 Vietnam: Required Mods

Posted by stabcon on 21 March 2018 - 21:23




The following links contain the required mods for D10


This modset will be required to attend sessions from the 28th March


Please allow plenty of time to download the mods





RG D10 Pack








D10 Steam Workshop Collection








NB: This collection of mods is to be ran on their own, any other mods not listed here should not be used whilst on deployment.


FAQ (From SSGT Villhelm)


Do I need Ace Compat?

No, its for RHS/ACE compatibility



What optional mods are available?

Plan is for all optional mods to be available, however the HMD isnt really necessary as helicopters are more basic



Why does my 20-round Magazine hold 18 rounds?

Because when you load 20, the spring wears out, look it up



Some of the Helicopters dont look good.....

Not much of a Question but we wont use the ugly ones dont worry


Can I play music over my speakers in the Helicopter?

No, try them out, youll find some surprises

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#13561 Potential NCO Cadre

Posted by stabcon on 12 April 2017 - 21:30

Potential NCO Cadre




Gambler Command will be running an NCO course in the very near future (Date TBC).


The course is open to anybody who would be interested in being an NCO at some point here at RG.



The aim of the course is to instruct candidates on all aspects of the NCO role, introduce them to the aspects of leadership and man management skills required in the role and to enhance the skills already learned within RG and Arma.


Course Details:

The course will offer candidates lessons on advanced signals, tactical thinking, working in high pressure environments, vehicle commanding and much more. Spread over 2 training sessions and a final exercise, candidates will be evaluated from the moment they load into the server to when they sign off. Assessments and individual feedback will be provided to all candidates at the end of the course. The course is designed to be testing, but fair. With the focus being on learning and growth.



To apply for a space on the course please send Lt. Tae and 2Lt, Stabcon a pm expressing your interest with a explanation of why you would like a slot. Slots are of limited availability so be sure to make your application a good one ;)



The course is open to anyone with the rank of Pvt or above. Current 2IC's who would like to brush up on their skills are also welcome to apply. 

Applicants should be able to attend all 3 sessions (most likely on a Friday night)



The tone of this post is for a reason, anyone thinking of applying should approach this with a serious head on their shoulders. Although we will strive to make the course as enjoyable as possible, the end goal itself is an important one. 

All applicants should approach the course with self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to enhance not just their own, but everybody else's experience here at RG.


Any questions feel free to PM me.


We look forward to your application!



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#10775 Intel

Posted by Mars on 15 September 2016 - 09:37


Captain Mars on behalf of Lieutenant Colonel Andrews - Command and Control


To all active duty task force soldiers, It is with great pleasure I can announce that we have accepted the invitation to join the Southern Cross games in Australia. We have no illusions about the big task that's ahead but I also feel that there is no one else more suited to win this than TFRG. We expect every unit to be ready, all gear to be in immaculate state and all minds to be completely focused on the challenges ahead.
Furthermore, Highroller (HQ) has past an executive order to move the entire task force out to Australia 4 weeks in advance. We're going to acclimatise there with a week and a half of sun, sea and fun, followed by two weeks of training in the scorching heat. We believe that none of the other units will be there at that time and thus we should be able to enjoy ourselves and train relatively private.Tickets have been arranged for everyone and flights should all be arriving sometime Sunday October 2nd. We'll be meeting up in the arrival lounge.Pack your sunscreen boys, we're off to Australia.

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#10746 Intel

Posted by Helios on 12 September 2016 - 17:48


#8119 D7 - Intel

Posted by Mars on 05 April 2016 - 08:35


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#18833 RGTF Archives - Origins

Posted by stabcon on 15 July 2019 - 00:57


                                                                                                                                                                 Men Of Gambler Platoon - Dunkirk 1940





While it is almost certain that RG could trace its origins to before WW1, perhaps even to colonial times. The outbreak of war in Europe for a second time solidified RGTF as a fighting force, establishing many of the traits and traditions that are still at the core of the unit. Of course tactics, equipment and ORBAT have changed over time to best suit the needs of the Task Force, however the core remains.


Although little is known about exact dates and places due to the secrecy in which things were established, we can piece together some information to give a brief overview on how RGTF came to fruition.


Colonel Andrews II -  a British Army Colonel, had spent much of his career as a tactician in Whitehall. Having proved his prowess during WW1 as a company commander, even being attached to US forces in the latter part of the war, he was now an advisor of sorts. Deemed brilliant by his peers and reckless by his superiors he had hit a rut in his military career. Unable to progress, yet too valuable to brush under the carpet. 

A wealthy philanthropist, he found few friends amongst the officer class of the time. Yet his lectures on tactics and wargaming practices were legendary. Least of all due to the large wagers he would make against his students.


Then Captain Andrews - Attached to US Forces 1918


Years of teaching and advising had proven boring. Colonel Andrews found enjoyment by gambling away his time, expanding an already vast wealth accrued from his family past dealing in the mercenary trade.

When war broke out he yearned for combat, putting into practice what had only been plotted on tables. Yet his character was deemed unsuitable. Too much of a 'loose cannon' for command. Colonel Andrews resigned at some point in summer 1939. 

As the war went on into the years end, Andrews was approached to rejoin as a staff officer, yet he refused as he would not be given a direct command. 

As countries began to fall, it is noted that Colonel Andrews (ret) proposed a plan to his few friends still remaining at Whitehall. Although the details of the plan are lost to us, we can ascertain that they involved the enlistment of the numerous refugees, armed forces personnel and willing volunteers, now stranded from their home nations into the British Forces. As these were not organised groups of fighting men supported by their own governments in exile, the plans were turned down. Historians propose that one reason the plans were turned down was Andrews insistence that anybody should be allowed to join, including women and Germans opposed to the Nazi regime.

Andrews would not rest until those who wanted to fight, could fight. The details are somewhat murky, however a deal was struck that allowed him to procure large amounts of British equipment rather quickly, paying above market price. (historians note the cost of the war was weighing heavy on Parliament). Soon after advertisements were produced in papers and on leaflets in pubs around England, offering a chance for those who wanted to fight, to be able to do so. Although not authorised to do so, Andrews did what he did best and Gambled. Using his familial contacts from previous mercenary work to establish a working network of intelligence, logistic and support personnel and infrastructure.

By February 1940, RGTF had been formed. Men and women from all walks of life had joined, British included. 

This had not gone unnoticed by Whitehall and Andrews was arrested. Again, the details of what transpired after his arrest are murky to say the least. The next records show that in April 1940 Andrews had now been restored to Colonel, and with considerably less money than he had previously. 

Records stamped RGTF begin to appear at this time - initially detailing a Home Guard deployment to the South of England. 

Excerpts from Andrews' diary note some of the thinking of his new force.


"It is not easy to create a force from scratch, bought and borrowed equipment, people speaking languages others have never heard of, those deemed unfit to fight. A band of misfits. Yet compelled to fight, united in a common cause, why should they be denied that chance? Beaurocracy? Politics? they have no place in these peoples minds."


"The backbone of the force is of course the infantry, the man in the trenches. I know not why people warn me against this endeavour, I'd wager they will fight as well as any conscripted man, better in fact. I'd gamble whats left of my fortune, but then that's what they call me, 'a gambler', ha! I may as well embrace that."


"The infantry need support. By air, by land, whatever they can get, yet these support elements need teeth and claws"


"There's a town in America, Las Vegas. They adapted to what was happening around them, changing the rules to suit what was best for their situation, now they prosper. We must do the same."



In May 1940, France's defence was collapsing rapidly. Andrews, seeing this as a chance to propel RGTF into the war approached Whitehall once more, offering his services in France. The request was granted.

Many historians think this request was granted as a way to 'get rid of the problem'. RGTF was deployed ill equipped and ill prepared, under the provisions they served under no flag with little or no support form allied forces.

RGTF would surprise everyone.






its a bit of fun, just roll with it







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#18692 Welcome to Deployment 11 (WW2)

Posted by Andrews on 08 June 2019 - 13:21









Place holder.






Prefix available. D11 / WW2


Everyone who supports RG from now until the end of July 2019 can wear this ribbon in their signature with Pride.


Thanks to bone for the artwork:







4 x D11 Ribbons/awards now available - more to be added.


Cpt.Stabcon will make the official D11 post and introduction shortly.

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#16449 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by stabcon on 04 March 2018 - 23:05

Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon
RG Member: Villhelm
New Assignment: Staff Sergeant - Gambler 2IC (Maintaining Arrow leadership for time being)
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: Villhelm has been a steadfast member of RG for years, leading numerous squads, founding one and making missions for all to enjoy, it is my great pleasure to promote hiim to Staff Sergeant and 2IC of Gambler.


Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon
RG Member: Refurius
New Assignment: Corporal - Dussack 2IC
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: Refurius has proven himself a reliable and capable member of Dussack on numerous occasions, stepping up to lead when required and handling stressful situations with skill. It is my pleasure to have him help to lead Dussack into the future.



Issuing Officer: Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Seanster

New Assignment: Private First Class

Effective As: 04/03/2018

Comments: Seanster has proven himself a solid and efficient member of Dussack since he joined RG, steadfast and reliable he has earned promotion to PFC 


Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Blackhawk
New Assignment: Private
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: After a successful recruit phase Blackhawk has shown to be a capable player and team member, he will be an asset to any squad and we wish him well with his future in RG.

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#15134 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by TAE on 06 September 2017 - 18:23

Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
RG Member: Daveo1996
New Assignment: Sergeant (Cpl) - Dussack 1iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017
Comments: Daveo has proven himself to be a reliable pillar of this community, a solid NCO and a worthy leader. This promotion is well deserved.


Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
RG Member: Wessy_NLD
New Assignment: Corporal (Cpl) - Cutlass 2iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017

Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
New Assignment: Corporal (Cpl) - Blade 2iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017

Comments: Both Kimbo and Wessy have shown great promise and loyalty to their squad and the community. They have set themselves on the path of an NCO and I'm confident that will not disappoint us.

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#14361 D9 Booster Pack

Posted by Mars on 30 May 2017 - 09:21



To all members,
For the upcoming deployment we have compiled a booster pack for you. This is a required pack.
This pack includes several mods that will be used in training for D9, during D9 and that can be used in some fun play after D9.

The file can be downloaded  here and is 1.2GB. Our servers are now updated with this pack for you to install and test prior to Wednesday. You will need the pack for training this Wednesday and every event thereafter, up until and including July 2nd.

For the modline/mod loading order, place the @D9_Booster_pack at the end after the @RG_modpack, or last in your ARMA Launcher sequence.

The Development team aims to make D9 as memorable as possible and this pack should hopefully make it possible.

Kind Regards,
The DEVs

#19066 Campaign Mod List

Posted by stabcon on 28 August 2019 - 22:56












All members are required to obtain the below files for upcoming missions starting on 4th Sept. The final file will be released on Sunday 1st Sept. It should be considered the highest priority. Any issues should be reported to command immediately.




7Y Assets WW2












Iron Front 44 Real Panzer











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