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@  Villhelm (Fri 27 Nov 20 - 12:28)

Zombies tonight 7.30!!

@  Andrews (Fri 27 Nov 20 - 17:16)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force FlippyFloopy. View FlippyFloopy's Profile

@  Andrews (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 11:42)

Last call for support this month, shout outs on TS a t 6PM thanks in advance

@  Andrews (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 16:03)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Godfather. View Godfather's Profile

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:04)

Got a really solid recording but I forgot to swap Geforce settings so no comms from me in the video :X

@  Guss (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:06)

I think that's a plus ;)

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:06)


@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:07)

I made a really good pun too tonight which I am bummed that never got recorded

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:09)

"How do you make Holy Water? You boil the hell out of it" SOOOO proud for that one

@  Guss (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:15)

Wow, just ... wow

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:19)

here are OP: Goldshield photos for ya all! Hope yee all like em!

@  Veter (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:23)

For those wondering what happened to the lead vehicle

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:31)

@veter I should have yelled LOUDER :D

@  Andrews (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:54)

@Veter @Thehelloguy Love that media thanks :D

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 29 Nov 20 - 21:57)

@Andrews Finally got back into the mood of taking shots again!

@  Refurius (Mon 30 Nov 20 - 15:27)

@Thehelloguy IT'S A MACHINE GUN

@  CAESAR (Mon 30 Nov 20 - 21:42)

@Ref I was looking for that video to post last night :lol:

@  Villhelm (Thu 03 Dec 20 - 21:03)

Zombies tomorrow at 7.30pm! Neptune is looking for small groups to cover more ground!

@  stabcon (Fri 04 Dec 20 - 11:11)

HUGE thanks to everyone who donated at the end of last month, It is very much appreciated! Legends all

@  Villhelm (Fri 04 Dec 20 - 17:17)

Zombies tonight!

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