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@  Pterolatypus (Sun 21 Feb 21 - 21:14)

Apologies again for tonight's delay - the issue has been resolved and the person responsible has been thoroughly shamed

@  Andrews (Mon 22 Feb 21 - 00:43)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Hunterlvl2. View Hunterlvl2's Profile

@  Andrews (Thu 25 Feb 21 - 11:48)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Echo02. View Echo02's Profile

@  Andrews (Thu 25 Feb 21 - 19:01)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Alpha01. View Alpha01's Profile

@  Andrews (Sat 27 Feb 21 - 17:16)

Shout outs for all supporters this month tomorrow, thanks again to all

@  Andrews (Sun 28 Feb 21 - 03:00)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force P. Mitchell. View P. Mitchell's Profile

@  Andrews (Mon 01 Mar 21 - 14:31)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Blazi. View Blazi's Profile

@  Pterolatypus (Mon 01 Mar 21 - 16:03)

servers coming down for modpack update, ETA around 1 hour

@  Pterolatypus (Mon 01 Mar 21 - 16:46)

update complete (details here) and server 2 is back up for testing

@  Pterolatypus (Mon 01 Mar 21 - 17:06)

we're aware of an issue on server 2 that will prevent you loading into the mission. for now you can connect to the role select screen to check if your mods are setup properly - we'll be updating the mission later to fix

@  Pterolatypus (Mon 01 Mar 21 - 18:38)

the above issue is now resolved, you should be able to load in to server 2 normally

@  Andrews (Tue 02 Mar 21 - 16:43)

Registeration issues have been resolved, if anyone reading this tried to register on Sunday this issue has been resolved, please try now.

@  Andrews (Tue 02 Mar 21 - 16:45)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Javier90005. View Javier90005's Profile

@  Andrews (Wed 03 Mar 21 - 12:24)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Larrysiz. View Larrysiz's Profile

@  Andrews (Wed 03 Mar 21 - 19:02)

New modpack reveal tonight at Training. media to follow!

@  KIMBO (Wed 03 Mar 21 - 23:00)

The new training area looks good and the new gear is nice too, good job!

@  Guss (Thu 04 Mar 21 - 11:04)

My gratitude to all who put in the work for the update.

@  lllBENlll (Thu 04 Mar 21 - 11:08)

Yeah can second that thx for the time and work what was put in many thx

@  Andrews (Fri 05 Mar 21 - 05:36)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Omri G.. View Omri G.'s Profile

@  stabcon (Fri 05 Mar 21 - 16:15)

Warno is up, RSVP now!

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