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@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 17:25) I would like to be pleasently suprised but im not holding my breath!
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 20:20) CoD... those were the days, really hope they go back to the way they were. My guess is that it will take them another 2/3 games before they actually make good content like they used to.
@  Jay-Eff (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 20:33) Looks good from a SP POV. Not hard to please me with a game in that setting. Will be interesting to see how a later MP trailer looks
@  Brooks (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 20:33) putting money on this being their plan all along. Make terrible games so people slowly stop playing becasue they want "the old days" and then make a game like that to make a fortune!
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 21:49) Im looking forward to seeing more gameplay! Happy they are going back to WWII
@  Andrews (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:04) this is a thing https://gfycat.com/N...itedGrassspider
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:05) I really hope the do a German perspective though aswel kind of how "Letters from Iwo Jima" was to "Flags of our Farthers" plus I love the German uniform and equipment from that era!
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:12) Haha, I jused to nick the mp40 when playing the WWII Cod games x)
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:15) even with the kar 98 rifle x3
@  Barnes.J (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:37) Guys, I'm sure you won't hop with me on the hype train, but this CoD might actually be good. No regenerating, ammo will be provided only by teammates, if you get shot, you're gonna limp to the medic. read more here
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:39) Nice :D
@  Breacher (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 22:43) When you press F12 in the right moment :)
@  CAESAR (Wed 26 Apr 17 - 23:22) Really nice timing!
@  Andrews (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 01:47) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force milky toaster. View milky toaster's Profile
@  milky toaster (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 01:57) thanks?
@  milky toaster (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 02:00) goodnight guys, over and out
@  Guss (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 07:09) Sounds like cod is going battlefield style then when it comes to classes??
@  Andrews (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 18:56) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Pollie. View Pollie's Profile
@  Andrews (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 19:46) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force shrap. View shrap's Profile
@  Veged (Thu 27 Apr 17 - 20:04) Îs anyone playing Heroes of the Storm? 2.0 just released. 20 Heroes for free and some Quests-rewards need to be played with B.Net friends :)

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File Information

  • Submitted: 23 Apr 2016 11:11
  • Last Updated: 01 Apr 2017 16:00
  • File Size: Unknown
  • Views: 440
  • Downloads: 58
  • Approved by: Helios
  • Approved on: 12 December 2016 - 15:16

Download ARES: Achiles 0.06d

- - - - -

Ares is a mod aimed expanding the tools available to Zeus so that it is possible to create more varied and compelling missions. The goal is to add simple useful functionality to Zeus without requiring any extra mods running on other clients or the server.
Ares is designed to work with dedicated servers which may be running missions that allow JIP and respawn. The new functionality it is aimed at running with trusted players in a structured mission and is not recommended for general 'public server' play.

What's New in Version 0.06d (See full changelog)

  • * Change: Teleport player: Teleport entire vehcile is now optional.
  • * Change: Instant occupation does distribute large group (>8 members) on different buildings (by Grezvany13)
  • * Change: Revised equipment module category.
  • * Change: Chatter module now sets mouse cursor on text box automatically.
  • * Change: Remote control chatter: Acces to zeus chat was not avialabel.
  • * Change: Sort player and group lists in alphabetic order (Player Module Category).
  • * Change: Suppressive fire: group lines up perpendicular to target direction (except in combat).
  • * Feature: A few new Advanced Compositions from Apex Protocol campaign.
  • * Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
  • * Feature: Achilles Dialog windows can be moved.
  • * Feature: Damage vehicle components button is implemented (edit vehicle menu).
  • * Feature: Behaviour careless and combat modes (from "hold fire" to "fire and engage at will").
  • * Feature: Set ammunition slider (vehicle and unit edit menu).
  • * Feature: Headlight/Searchlight option (vehicle edit menu)
  • * Feature: Unit edit menu: Arsenal and Skill button; set unit name for chatter module
  • * Fix: Suppressive fire:
  • - Broke down when more than 2 "suppression target modules" were available.
  • - Unit did not cease fire if group mate is in line of fire.
  • - Suppressive fire: Units went "crazy" in mechanized and motorized groups.
  • * Fix: Logger for loading achilles modules was not removed.
  • * Fix: Client side script errors reported in RPT log file.
  • * Fix: Wind force of 0 is no longer possible (prevents flares from being stuck in the air).
  • * Fix: Remote controlled units were not able to untie a surrendered unit or pick up an intel.
  • * Fix: Create intel Module:
  • - Issues that occure when multiple intels were created (not fully proven to be fixed).
  • - Script error due to wrong variable locality.
  • * Fix: Compatibility issues between Ares and TFAR (not fully proven to be fixed)
  • * Fix: Script errors in surrender unit module

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