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@  Thehelloguy (Sun 24 Oct 21 - 20:10)

Some pictures of today's OP! Not as many as normal, but not always easy taking shots when getting shot at lol


The Invicible Cloak: Arma 3 Edition


The Invicible Cloak: Arma 3 Edition part II


Can Love Bloom On The Battlefield?

@  Andrews (Fri 29 Oct 21 - 15:12)

Thanks for the support this month RG, Halloween Mission this Sunday - Little change of pace but a long held RG tradition and I hope to join you all making some pumpkin soup this weekend! Shout out to all those that made this happen :)

@  Andrews (Fri 29 Oct 21 - 16:15)

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@  Thehelloguy (Mon 01 Nov 21 - 08:19)

Thanks for the mission yesterday, that was a blast!

@  Mira (Tue 02 Nov 21 - 18:37)


@  Thehelloguy (Tue 02 Nov 21 - 20:58)

YO Mira!

@  Andrews (Wed 03 Nov 21 - 14:32)

Mira in the HOUSE :D

@  aBrat (Wed 03 Nov 21 - 20:48)

Evening chaps!

@  stabcon (Fri 05 Nov 21 - 11:13)


@  stabcon (Fri 05 Nov 21 - 11:13)

Get signed up!

@  Andrews (Sat 06 Nov 21 - 23:15)

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@  Pterolatypus (Mon 08 Nov 21 - 15:09)

RG Essentials updated get it sorted for Weds

@  Andrews (Sat 13 Nov 21 - 22:29)

Mid-Month reminder for support guys - Let's get that target moving :)

@  Andrews (Sun 14 Nov 21 - 14:18)

Red Frost

@  Andrews (Mon 15 Nov 21 - 23:06)

Vietnam DLC on sale till 22nd nov : https://store.steamp...G_Prairie_Fire/

@  Jay-Eff (Sun 21 Nov 21 - 21:07)

Cheers to our leaders, mission makers and all that contributed to the missions this year, a year with more campaign's than ever (certainly in my time). Looking forward to Lib in our normal organisational structure

@  stabcon (Mon 22 Nov 21 - 09:59)

its been a pleasure!

@  Thehelloguy (Wed 24 Nov 21 - 06:28)

Been a blast! looking forwards to lib!

@  Andrews (Sat 27 Nov 21 - 20:39)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Nik. View Nik's Profile

@  Refurius (Sun 28 Nov 21 - 13:54)

RG essentials has been updated. dont forget to update your arma3sync repo if you haven't already


Event: Operation Red Frost

in Task Force Calendar (Battle Schedule)
Added by stabcon, 05 Nov 2021

Taking place 07 Nov 2021 (Single Day Event)


Posted Image


by [RG] Stabcon


This mission is using the standard RG mod pack
+ Project Hatchet, Lambs Danger + Suppression






ISSUE DATE: 05/11/21


RG Forces have been assisting CDF allies over recent weeks with logistical support, replenishing CDF equipment and vehicles that have been lost during recent conflicts. The CDF had made a deal to buy old NATO and RG equipment, coinciding with a reorganisation of their forces and redeployment around the province before before winter sets in fully. Sadly heavy snows came earlier than expected which reduced movement of many of the CDF forces and slowed down the logistical efforts.
The ChdkZ have taken advantage of this and launched an assault, seemingly in order to take advantage of the CDF's weakened state and gain an advantage in their everlasting conflict. Fighing has broken out all over with CDF forces struggling to contain the assault. RG forces are to rapidly deploy to the region to ensure NATO/RG supplies are not captured and are delivered to support the CDF.



5x Harrier
4x UH60M
Standard Supply crates and weaponry

RG are authorised to utilise retrieved NATO/RG stock
RG are NOT authorised to utilise enemy equipment for fear of Blue on Blue

Operational Plan
To ensure safe delivery of supplies to CDF Forces

Squad operational intent:


Rapid deployment to CDF supply depot to prevent capture of equipment
Transport of equipment to CDF base
Assist in repelling of enemy forces

Insertion of Gambler/Vegas Forces


Locate and destroy artillery units
Sabotage enemy command hub
Attempt to capture and extract local group leadership



Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:

RSVP for event

The event poster has requested that attendees RSVP for this event

You do not have permission to RSVP

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34 Attending




LOA for Warthog

Loa-exams in two days till the 20th of nov