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@  stabcon (Thu 04 Feb 21 - 11:16)

I dont leave my troops behind

@  stabcon (Thu 04 Feb 21 - 11:33)

I also choose to do stupid things that I shouldnt really do!

@  Andrews (Thu 04 Feb 21 - 12:32)

I should have I.D you by the Antenna, well played sir

@  Andrews (Thu 04 Feb 21 - 12:33)


@  aBrat (Fri 05 Feb 21 - 11:31)

Good to see RG still going strong. Greetings from Germany, yes I moved from Denmark in to the Fatherland :D

@  Andrews (Sat 06 Feb 21 - 12:52)

Thanks aBrat, be well and thanks for dropping by

@  Reti4 (Sun 07 Feb 21 - 16:47)

Glorious shot of Arrow's pizza-mobile at the start of that ambush link, @Andrews :)

@  Veter (Sun 07 Feb 21 - 23:25)

Some cool shots POV from today's mission

@  Villhelm (Fri 12 Feb 21 - 11:28)

Zombies 8pm!!

@  Andrews (Sun 14 Feb 21 - 17:39)

Will be LOA Mrs orders - Have a great operation, some one please post a video :)

@  Veter (Sun 14 Feb 21 - 22:19)

How to show talon your gratitude

@  Andrews (Mon 15 Feb 21 - 00:06)

Deployment Z Mission one (Next weeks a theme park)

@  Veter (Wed 17 Feb 21 - 23:04)

Talon being talon

@  Villhelm (Fri 19 Feb 21 - 11:10)

Zombies tonight at 7.30!

@  Andrews (Fri 19 Feb 21 - 21:41)

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@  Andrews (Fri 19 Feb 21 - 21:47)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Fyruz. View Fyruz's Profile

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 21 Feb 21 - 20:54)

The moment someone engages you in a pun battle

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 21 Feb 21 - 20:54)

Looking at you Vill!

@  Pterolatypus (Sun 21 Feb 21 - 21:14)

Apologies again for tonight's delay - the issue has been resolved and the person responsible has been thoroughly shamed

@  Andrews (Mon 22 Feb 21 - 00:43)

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Event: Operation Cerastes II

in Task Force Calendar (Battle Schedule)
Added by stabcon, 11 Feb 2021

Taking place 14 Feb 2021 (Single Day Event)


Posted Image

by [RG] Stabcon


This mission is using the standard RG mod pack






ISSUE DATE: 11/02/2021


Intelligence gathered as well as the battle for FOB Obeh has allowed us to deduce that the local regiment of ANA forces were both backers and participants in the recent insurgency in the region.
It is believed that whoever is backing and organising this ‘coup’ wanted control of the region and its many oil wells as they have remained completely unscathed throughout. Likely recruiting forces hoping to drive NATO out so they can operate unimpeded. We cannot allow this to happen.


Although we believe we have taken out the commander of the insurgent forces, it is unclear on who will have now taken command or if the insurgent forces will have melted away or begin to operate independently of ANA forces.
The national government has disavowed the local regiment of ANA and has authorised the elimination of all forces in the area.
We believe many fighters from the previous battles will have gone to ground locally waiting for further orders and ANA forces have withdrawn from their regular positions and have gone into hiding.
What is clear from the last attack is that the ANA did not commit its full arsenal and RG should be prepared to face heavier equipment than last time, although air assets should still be minimal.
Civilians have mostly evacuated after the heavy fighting however those that remained are to be considered un-sympathetic to NATO.
The FOB is in the process of being reinforced however the process is ongoing, with equipment and machinery still needed to be brought in to make it a viable NATO position for a prolonged period of time.



1x M1230 M2
1x M1220 M2
1x M1240 M2
2x M1151A1 M2
1x M1239 AUV M2 CROWS


4x M115A1 M240
2x Hilux M2
2x CH47
2x UH60M
2x AH-64D
2x A10C

Standard support and supply equipment and vehicles.


Operational Plan
To eliminate hostile forces and equipment in the region.


Squad operational intent


  • Conduct Clearance patrols to the north/north west of FOB Obeh

  • Locate and destroy enemy forces and equipment

  • Secure built up areas around FOB Obeh ready for NATO handover

To conduct ISR at request of ground forces

Deployment of equipment to FOB Obeh
CAS Support

Mobility of Vegas Personnel and equipment

Reinsert/Resupply of ground forces



Vegas is to act on intel gathered from the previous mission.


Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

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LOA - Valentine’s Day

LOA - Valentines day

Maybe a little bit late

forgot it was valentines, gotta LOA!

Forgot it is valentines today. Need to LOA
Most likely LOA