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@  Aatoshi (Fri 14 Feb 20 - 22:28) Sorry Zezzek, forgot about the time, was fixing my car, I'm sure it was great
@  marius (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 01:29) Was a fun and great mission Zezzek! Thank you for putting it on for some fun on a friday
@  TAE (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 05:05) Yeah it was indeed fun! Thanks Betty for stepping up
@  Black Betty (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 11:04) Thank you for giving me the opportunity Tae and Zezzek. :)
@  Refurius (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 13:17) done very good for the first time betty :) *thumbs up*
@  Refurius (Mon 17 Feb 20 - 09:13) awesome mission yesterday. one of my most fav. ones! thanks vil
@  Liggo (Mon 17 Feb 20 - 17:40) Can someone put the training server up please ? :)
@  Guss (Wed 19 Feb 20 - 12:23) Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on Epic and Assassin's Creed Syndicate as from Tomorrow!
@  stabcon (Wed 19 Feb 20 - 18:27) Please join Server 1 for training tonight
@  J. Hansen (Wed 19 Feb 20 - 18:52) Great internet just went down
@  Obi (Thu 20 Feb 20 - 15:27) Okay, so I'm not trying to push others to get Contact, but I did want to drop in and say....bought it last night and the single player bit alone has to be the best I've played in Arma since OA.
@  Shlee (Thu 20 Feb 20 - 23:22) Obi works for BI btw
@  CAESAR (Thu 20 Feb 20 - 23:40) Mission post will go up Friday, apologies for the late® post.
@  Refurius (Fri 21 Feb 20 - 16:57) Today Friday casual by lexxix!
@  shrap (Fri 21 Feb 20 - 17:02) ow what time ?
@  lexxix (Fri 21 Feb 20 - 18:12) 19 GMT
@  Cherokee (Sun 23 Feb 20 - 22:09) Big up's for tonight's OP, definitely taking a spot in my all time favorites!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 23 Feb 20 - 22:16) Very well done everyone was a nice op indeed, plenty to shoot at :)
@  CAESAR (Sun 23 Feb 20 - 22:18) Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! See you Wednesday!
@  Andrews (Mon 24 Feb 20 - 00:22) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force ZenAl3x. View ZenAl3x's Profile


Event: Operation Clipper

in Task Force Calendar (Battle Schedule)
Added by stabcon , 03 Oct 2019

Taking place 06 Oct 2019 (Single Day Event)


Operation Clipper

Date: 20th November 1944
Location: Geilenkirchen, North Rhine Westphalia

Allied forces have been making large gains in the advance toward Germany.
An operation by the British XXX Corps is underway to reduce the salient in the region in preparation of an upcoming offensive by allied forces. RG has been requested to support the operation.
A nearby enemy airfield is causing the allied supply lines difficulty, as well as enemy AA and artillery positions that are in, as of yet unknown locations, which are closing of much of the area to free movement.
In the North of the region, Resistance forces which were being used as scouts and intelligence gatherers, emboldened by the allied advance, have made attacks on enemy positions as a partisan force.



RG is to reduce all enemy ground and air assets in their area of operations, then assist units from XXX Corps in achieving their objective.

From the starting location (an abandoned German airfield) at 035 860, Gambler are to move to an RV point at 062908, from there they are to conduct a search North into the woodland to locate and destroy any German positions to reduce the AA cover and artillery support.
Once satisfied the area is clear, Gambler are to move to link up with XXX Corps at 135919 and proceed to clear the town to the North.
The whole area is known to have patrols and scouting elements probing for weakness in the allied lines. Consider the entire AO to be hostile.

Vegas are to insert from the starting area to 024955. Due to distance from the start location, Vegas will insert via C47/Parachute.
Once inserted, Vegas are to proceed into the town and locate a German HQ building in the hopes of retrieving intel on enemy positions in the region.
Once intel is secured, Vegas are to co-ordinate a supply drop for the resistance fighters, as well as repel any counter attack by German forces with friendly air assets.
Once these objectives are complete, Vegas are to link up with Gambler forces.
Not: The town is currently occupied by both resistance fighters and enemy units. Friendlies have established roadblocks to the north preventing enemy re-enforcements for some time, however they have been unable to neutralise all enemy. It is hoped a surprise attack from the south will break the German resolve. Enemy forces are low in numbers at this location for now.

Talon are to insert Vegas at their location via C-47.
Paradrop supplies to Vegas location.
Conduct any CAS/CAP as needed at all ground locations
Act on any intel given to Neutralise enemy airfield.
Conduct re-insert/resupply as needed.

Service Support:

RG will have the following equipment:
US Airborne Equipment
2x M4A3E8 Sherman
3x Willy GP (2 Armed)
4x M3A1 Half Track
2x M3 Scout vehicles
1x C-47
2x B17 Bomber
2x P-51B Mustang
2x P51D Mustang
2x P-47 Thunderbolts
Various logistic Vehicles and Crates

RG will be working in close proximity to British XXX Corps infantry and Tank units.
Radios will be issued to Command and Squad NCO's only.

Due to supply issues, the only maps available for RG during this operation were created for the Polish Brigade, Map names may appear different to their actual names.

All troops should study and memorize the maps provided prior to mission start in the event of separation from friendly forces

Link to actual Operation: https://en.wikipedia...eration_Clipper

Map used Staszow 1944

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LOA - Out of town


LOA not back in time :(

LOA - In Oxford for work. Have a great one!

LOA, have to take our little baby out for vaccination tomorrow morning :(

LOA - Out of town
The Icarus
06 Oct 2019 10:17

LOA - Got a massive headache and I lost my voice.

Dan Williams
06 Oct 2019 15:09

Possible LOA - Emergency call from work, don't know if i will be back in time

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