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@  Andrews (Sun 28 Jun 20 - 18:09)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force WinterHarlow. View WinterHarlow's Profile

@  Guss (Sun 28 Jun 20 - 20:55)

Awesome mission!

@  Andrews (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 10:02)

It's a long one guys gonna need a coffee! TASK FORCE IN ACTION

@  Andrews (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 10:49)

Final call for support/donators this month guys every little helps!

@  Shlee (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 11:46)

Great video Andrews

@  Daveo1996 (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 13:20)


@  lllBENlll (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 13:49)


@  Guss (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 13:58)

And he's back!

@  Veter (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 15:47)

"Oh shit, here we go again"

@  Daveo1996 (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 16:50)

If anyone is around and have some time I'd appreciate the Training Server being brought online, Thanks.

@  Andrews (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 17:06)

server should be up

@  Daveo1996 (Mon 29 Jun 20 - 17:12)

All good, Cheers Andrews :)

@  Pterolatypus (Tue 30 Jun 20 - 21:09)

small update pushed to a3sync to handle the new ACE release

@  Andrews (Wed 01 Jul 20 - 16:06)

Thanks for the work on this mate, and all the support we had this month from our members. Shout outs on Sunday for all! See you at training

@  Mildly Traum... (Wed 01 Jul 20 - 17:30)

AceX just got updated at 18:07

@  The Icarus (Wed 01 Jul 20 - 17:46)

Server being taken down to update AceX (again). Standby for any further instructions.

@  Reti4 (Thu 02 Jul 20 - 05:13)

Marius down :lol: I love my squad...

@  0stap (Thu 02 Jul 20 - 06:40)


@  CAESAR (Thu 02 Jul 20 - 07:30)


@  Andrews (Thu 02 Jul 20 - 13:21)

Amazing :D

Events for September 08, 2019

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----- Deployment 11 - Mission 1 - Operation Dynamo
By stabcon


Operation Dynamo

Posted Image

Date: May 1940
Location: Northern France

The BEF and Allied forces of France and Belgium have been surrounded by the Germans in the Dunkirk region. Whilst the evacuation of the BEF is underway, French troops are manning a perimeter around the beaches preventing the utter destruction of allied forces. RG has been called up to bolster the defences as the last troops are evacuated from the beaches. RG must hold the line!

Posted Image

RG is to prevent German forces from reaching the beaches until the last of the BEF is evacuated.

Gambler will move to pre prepared defensive positions repel any German attack directed toward them. Utilising pre planned defensive and fall back positions, Gambler will slow any advance until the last man.

Vegas are to secure the flanks of RG positions by neutralising any German positions and waiting in ambush for any advancing forces.

Talon are to provide direct ground logistical support to front line troops as well as aerial support by means of reconnaissance and ground attack.

Service Support:
RG will be operating independently.
RG will have the following equipment:
Standard British infantry equipment
Numerous civilian and military transport vehicles.
Numerous Universal Carriers (Bren Gun carrier)
6x Spitfire

Radios will be issued to Command and Squad NCO's only.

Posted Image

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