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@  Seanster (Fri 03 Jul 20 - 11:46)

Kinda reminds me of this

@  Veter (Fri 03 Jul 20 - 18:07)


@  Thehelloguy (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 16:18)

are we ok with downloading the latest version of TS? NVM, found out which one we needed to be on

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 20:19)

King posing for the camera while Marius is taking a nap.

@  Veter (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 20:20)


@  Thehelloguy (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 20:23)

And some more pictures from the OP!

@  0stap (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 20:29)

Really great op lexxix, the most realistic experience of op herrick type coin compound clearance i've had in a3, absolutely loved it, my favourite in recent memory B)

@  lexxix (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 22:02)

Cheers, guys. I'm glad to hear that). there was some important points made out. So, looking forward to my next sundays.

@  marius (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 22:18)

Looking forward to those lexxix! Great work

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 05 Jul 20 - 23:21)

@marius you have been imortalized now too1 :D

@  Andrews (Mon 06 Jul 20 - 07:26)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Josephgoale. View Josephgoale's Profile

@  Andrews (Tue 07 Jul 20 - 21:43)

Guy takes his Mrs out for a flight and lands at old RAF base in an emergency - https://www.liveleak...sR8T_1594131523

@  CAESAR (Wed 08 Jul 20 - 07:33)

Steam sale ends tomorrow, last chance etc

@  stabcon (Thu 09 Jul 20 - 20:47)

Warno for Sunday mission will go up tomorrow - apologies for the delay

@  Andrews (Fri 10 Jul 20 - 18:21)

@stabcon Cheers stabs!

@  stabcon (Sat 11 Jul 20 - 13:03)

Please get your RSVP's in for tomorrows mission!

@  Andrews (Sat 11 Jul 20 - 22:27)

Community Update and some footage from Shakedown!

@  Daveo1996 (Sun 12 Jul 20 - 11:05)

It's mission day, let's get ready to RUMBLE !!!

@  Andrews (Sun 12 Jul 20 - 22:14)

Great mission tonight guys well done all

@  Andrews (Mon 13 Jul 20 - 14:02)

TS is being updated today (SERVER SIDE ONLY) and may go down for short periods.

Events for December 22, 2019

in Task Force Calendar (Battle Schedule)

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----- DZM1 - Der Toten
By Villhelm


WW2 mods required- Additional mod (small) to follow

Picture to Follow





Something has happened, and we are unsure quite what, explore the area and report back on any reports, our "borrowed" Nazi Scientists are being kept nearby and we need to keep them safe.

Look into the area and discover any news from the local populace

RG are to look into the local town, check in with the police captain and find out if there are any problems around, something over radio mentioned a disturbance.

Service Support:

Mixed Equipment
Numerous GMC Trucks and Jeeps

December 2019

Celebrating Today

There are no birthdays today