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@  Barnes (Fri 08 Nov 19 - 14:02) This Deployment has been.... Amazing. Goof luck on Sunday, gents & ladies!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 08 Nov 19 - 14:22) The Devil next door documentry on Netflix, defo worth a watch!
@  CAESAR (Sun 10 Nov 19 - 21:23) Thanks everyone for your attendance and enthusiasm over Deployment 11! You guys have made it an absolute blast to run :wub:
@  stabcon (Sun 10 Nov 19 - 22:21) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/506567014 birds eye view of tonights shenanigans
@  stabcon (Sun 10 Nov 19 - 22:21) thank you to all of you for making this last mission and the whole deployment so damn good
@  Jay-Eff (Sun 10 Nov 19 - 22:58) Of my 3 Deployments (8, 9, 11) this was maybe the best. 8 was a favourite as it was my first - that feels soo long ago
@  stabcon (Mon 11 Nov 19 - 07:55) Mod update is released, please follow this link http://forums.realit...log/#entry19290
@  stabcon (Mon 11 Nov 19 - 17:06) S2 is online and available for testing of mods
@  The Icarus (Mon 11 Nov 19 - 18:31) Reminder for everybody: D11 sported a lot of custom faces. If you try to connect with it now, it will throw errors on the server. Make sure to change your face! ;)
@  Andrews (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 08:28) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Therese. View Therese's Profile
@  Obi (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 20:31) A moment of silence for KIMBO
@  Ante (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 20:36) gone but not forgotten :(
@  The Icarus (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 21:23) I have amazing grace as death music in left 4 dead 2 :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 21:40) Beautiful rendition OBI I too have been practicing ;)
@  Barnes (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 22:32) Oh, please allow me to jump on the bandwagon and show you my rendition of the 20 century fox intro: here :D
@  stabcon (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 08:27) Apologies for no training post so far guys. However tonight us on, please ensure you have the modern modest loaded
@  TAE (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 08:50) Isn't auto-correct great Stabs?
@  CAESAR (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 11:19) :D
@  Villhelm (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 12:48) Apologies all, internet wasnt back on till yesterday, training post now up!
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 15:07) :D

Events for October 20, 2019

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----- [Sunday Operation] Thaw 2
By Villhelm


Operation Thaw - Part 2

Posted Image

Date: 20th December 1944
Location: Ardennes Region


German forces are conducting a large scale counter offensive throughout the region. Hand picked by Hitler himself, German units are well equipped and motivated. Allied forces are attempting to halt the advance where possible, however with extreme weather conditions hampering supply lines, the task is proving difficult. RG units, initially called forward as a reserve force, are to once again go on the offensive to attempt to retake ground recently lost.

Posted Image


RG has halted the advance and the enemy is in retreat, although severely weakened we believe we have the material to push the enemy back across the river and tak out their command and control units.

All RG Units will need to collect what equipment they can from the local area - pushing the enemy stragglers back if required.
, RG are to advance North toward the bridge at Montherme, followed by sweeping round to the east

Service Support:

RG will have the following equipment:
US Airborne Equipment
5x M4A3E8 Sherman - 3 have been destroyed, 2 remain
2x Sherman Firefly - Both Destroyed, None Remain
3x Stuart Light tank - 2 have been destroyed, 1 remains
3x Willy GP (2 Armed)
4x M3A1 Half Track

1x M3 Scout vehicles
Various logistic Vehicles and supply

No Allied Forces are expected forward of our start line due to heavy losses.

Radios will be issued to Command and Squad NCO's only.

All troops should study and memorize the maps provided prior to mission start in the event of separation from friendly forces

Link to actual Operation: https://en.wikipedia...le_of_the_Bulge

Map used Ardennes_1944

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