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@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 11 Nov 18 - 21:36) Well done tonight Marius good mission really enjoyed it thanks look forward to more!
@  Andrews (Sun 11 Nov 18 - 21:49) Very nice mission thanks for Marius and command team for another cracker!
@  marius (Sun 11 Nov 18 - 21:53) Cheers guys!
@  Andrews (Sun 11 Nov 18 - 22:13) Two min silence click here
@  Andrews (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 12:36) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Berlin. View Berlin's Profile
@  stabcon (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 12:44) anybody stream or record last nights Op?
@  TEMPLAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 13:28) Shlee most probably did.
@  TEMPLAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 13:29) https://www.twitch.t...eos/334601661##
@  Seanster (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 14:26) Obi did
@  Obi (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 15:04) I always feel like my streams are dubious for content because I'm normally nose into a Mortar display haha.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:00) RIP Stan Lee :(
@  BilboD (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:00) Adverse AirOp Environment for Re-supply
@  BilboD (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:02) Tail Rotor loss as viewed from the ground - Video taken by Shlee
@  CAESAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 20:37) :*(
@  Affy (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 05:56) @sheppard is still mean
@  Sheppard (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 08:57) @Affy :D Lies. I'm just sad I can't jump to Blade Chan and shout Affy sucks anymore.
@  Sobchak (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 10:26) Sheppard, you can, its still part of our pre-mission warm up.
@  CAESAR (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 16:18) Fallout is out!
@  Andrews (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:30) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MonkeyMadness20. View MonkeyMadness20's Profile
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:52) Hitman 2 > Fallout 76 :)

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#16260 Deployment 10 - Vietnam

Posted by Villhelm on 11 February 2018 - 17:56



April 8th-April 29th 2018


The Situation - Welcome to the Jungle

The year is 1969 and the Vietnam war is fully underway, Nixon has just become President and was looking for a new platoon to throw at the VC. RG; having been in various wars across Asia and Europe since 1942 is combat ready and raring to go. Armed with the very best in equipment and with the best commanders they can find, RG are shipped across to the Vietnam DMZ. Unfortunatly the equipment and commanders were lost at sea, as such we have what was with us on the plane.

Landing at Airbase Andrews we have sorted out what stuff we can and are getting aquanted with our Jungle environment. As it turns out the VC may not be the worst thing that it can throw at us, with disease and food shortages causing the loss of several men.

With our uniforms covered in mud and rifles frequently jamming, RG is in its element of chaos.



Back to 1969, the various protests going on, the mud, the good old M16. The Hueys, RG is going to run completely differently in terms of our gear. Enjoy the change but be prepped for a tough enemy in tough terrain.


Things you will need:

1. A good pair of eyes (for the foliage/spotting the VC)

2. A serious disposition (but with plenty of quotes)

3. Your buddy (so you can carry him out)

4. Your rifle (because without it, you are nothing)

5. Napalm (because we love the smell of it in the morning)


Get ready for the best damn time of your lives

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Posted by Andrews on 04 September 2016 - 19:24

Reality Gaming Simulations - PRESS RELEASE.
This forum will be used to discuss and develop our 8th deployment. All members have access to this forum, which will be made public closer to the operation time.Helios and other deployment organisers will post updates here for you to respond to and show support, if you wish to be part of the deployment team contact Helios directly.
Following internal meetings and the exceptional growth and development of our community - I am happy to be commissioning 4 operations for use by the RG Task Force to conduct our 8th official deployment.
Team and Development:
  • Project Leader: Helios
  • Development Lead: Mars
  • Development Mission Director: Mars / Helios
  • Mission Building Development: Helios
  • Story & Realism Consultant: Andrews
  • Military Consultants: NCO group
  • Media Content: Elementz / Stabcon
Deployment date is set for the 9th October 2016. Deployment will last 4 week (operations) from this date ending Sunday 30th October 2016. We will then return from deployment via camp RG. Deployment 9 is roughly projected in the first quarter of 2017.
Deployment Schedule:
Mission will take place 6PM Sunday. Missions will made by our staff mission builders who will be responsible for adding their objectives and completing them as per the deployment teams direction.
The Task Force will be deploying at FULL Capacity.
Story and Media:
Helios will produce the overall story and background. Role playing slots and other elements will be posted shortly. Reporters, photographers and other external RG media will be invited. 
Deployment Mission Settings:
We are aiming for persistent missions. Deaths and loses of equipment will be logged, death limits will be imposed, equipment, ammunition and reinforcements will be limited.
This will be tracked via alive and other methods.
These four missions are essentially what we have been preparing the task force for. We are creating something unique within the community. I look forward to learning from this deployment and working with you all on the future of Reality Gaming.
Head Admin
Reality Gaming Simulations

#12876 The world will never know how close...

Posted by Mars on 05 March 2017 - 17:42

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#13215 [NEWS] Vegas Selection 2017

Posted by CAESAR on 27 March 2017 - 15:44





Vegas are the first spear in the Reality Gaming Task Force, tasked with reconnaissance and direct action missions. Comprised of Senior and junior NCOs, Vegas encompasses a wealth of ARMA and real world military experience, used to stand as pillars of the community and support the Task Force with advice and training.


Starting April 10th, Vegas will be running its selection for the year of 2017, with tests being put in place to test you and your abilities. These tests will take place on set dates that will be announced once the first applications have been sent in.



Applying to Join:

There are a few set requirements to be able to apply:



  • At least 5 months of active duty in RG



  • Good attendance



  • A professional attitude




Vegas are a small close knit team of 8-10 players who play and train regularly each week.

We expect members of the team to be analytical and considerate of the environment that RG's Dev team have created. Whilst we tend to take missions a bit more seriously and expect better attendance, the team has to be close and friendly in order for us to succeed.

All members must have self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to improve the experience of other members of RG.


IMPORTANT: Before you apply, make sure to let your squad leader know that you have the intention of applying to selection as to prevent any confusion in case you do get selected.


If you meet the requirements stated above and feel like you encompass the traits we are looking for, send CAESAR a PM on the forums with the following:




How long have you been in RG:

How long have you been in your squad:

Why do you want to join Vegas:




We look forward to your applications!

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#16708 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by stabcon on 02 April 2018 - 21:26

Issuing Officer: Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Kimbo
New Assignment: Sgt
Effective as of: 2nd April 2018
Comments: it is with great pleasure that Kimbo is herby promoted to Sgt and Blade squad leader. Kimbo has shown his dedication to his squad, the platoon and the community as a whole since he first joined RG. Despite a rocky start getting lost on his first ever mission, he has grown into a capable and efficient leader. Blade are lucky to have him. We wish him every success in his new role.

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#16925 D10 - Flight Home

Posted by Villhelm on 03 May 2018 - 16:54

"Written from a passenger seat on the flight home from Nam"


So D10 is over, am not a great fan of huge speeches (as you heard) but I thought id talk about how the timeline went. 


Few months ago, in fact, a few months before D9, i asked to run D9, that i wanted to mix it up and run it as a liberation style event (German Gear, our aircraft carrier blows up, think a slightly simpler version of D8 but with slightly more different stuff)


I was told D9 was already planned, but how about D10? Liberation was out (for reasons which are known to some) but i had a pretty much open book. 


So, WW2 or Vietnam. 


In short I chose Vietnam because I wanted there to be a nice balance. WW2 is great, but Talon instantly becomes an issue (gyro-copters and smaller maps for planes means there isn't a huge amount for them) I also have slight problems in keeping WW2 fine for all of our European squad mates, i don't want to deliberately offend and in short, in Vietnam no one really was the "Bad Guy". There was a proxy war between Soviets/china and the USA, both committing offences. 


So I had a setting, and missions were pretty easy. Big Heli insert mission, defensive Khe Sanh Mission, Boat patrol, Saigon. 


Lots of discussions with Stabs and Caesar later i began loadouts, UNSUNG had broken for about 3 months of coding time which was annoying but overall wasnt too hard (Thanks to dev teams of history for perfecting the template) but i settled on M16s for Gambler, SLR-style for Vegas, M60s (of course) for gunners and Hueys as our main platform. The pack was tested to hell and thrown out for you all to enjoy.


Highlights of each mission


First training: The sheer awe of people was humbling, it was really nice to see my hard work be appreciated, smokes from vehicles less so!


Mission 0: Watching Vegas clear town after town without a sweat, the final extract and Talon landing under fire.


Mission 1: Gambler insertions under fire were magical and Caesar putting a Bodybag on a dead pilot really added to the immersion. 


Mission 2: Riott/Mozzy being shot down, the defense of SF Base Willard was a mess, The push through the jungle.


Mission 3: The massacre and follow up defence, the co-ordination of the air strikes, the final evac.


Mission 4: That defence, my god was that awesome.


Ceremony: All the nice stuff you said, saying goodbye to about 8 months of prep was actually really sad for me, but thanks for all the kind words.



Id like to personally thank the following:


Stabs + Caesar- My god you guys were enthusiastic and helpful. Kept me very sane and re-assured. 


Talon- Thanks for flying, especially with some of that shit i pulled


Icarus, Ptero and Veged - You guys have had to hit the ground running, with some hiccups youve helped a hell of a lot


Obi, Kimbo, Dave and others - Thanks again for all the feedback and encouragement. 


Andrews - For letting me do this in the first place, for the feedback and the hilarious moments



Every bastard who sprayed the woods with their M16/M60/M14/L2A1 - Stop killing my guys, but in all seriousness thanks for playing




Overall Death Counts (Estimated)


RG: 80-100

VC - 1000+

NVA - 200-300 (didnt appear untill mission 3)



Nixon said of Vietnam "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." 


I hope you guys had a bit more fun


This is The Almighty Zeus Mission Maker and Deployment Champion Villhelm (Please for the love of god call me Vill or Will) 


Signing Off for the final time (in D10 anyway)



*This is your pilot speaking, we have reports of some undead appearing in Vietnam, we are turning the plane around*


Oh damnit, fine ill build Deployment Z3 (Vietnam Rising) then you assholes, cya in hell

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#16618 Vietnam: Required Mods

Posted by stabcon on 21 March 2018 - 21:23




The following links contain the required mods for D10


This modset will be required to attend sessions from the 28th March


Please allow plenty of time to download the mods





RG D10 Pack








D10 Steam Workshop Collection








NB: This collection of mods is to be ran on their own, any other mods not listed here should not be used whilst on deployment.


FAQ (From SSGT Villhelm)


Do I need Ace Compat?

No, its for RHS/ACE compatibility



What optional mods are available?

Plan is for all optional mods to be available, however the HMD isnt really necessary as helicopters are more basic



Why does my 20-round Magazine hold 18 rounds?

Because when you load 20, the spring wears out, look it up



Some of the Helicopters dont look good.....

Not much of a Question but we wont use the ugly ones dont worry


Can I play music over my speakers in the Helicopter?

No, try them out, youll find some surprises

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#13561 Potential NCO Cadre

Posted by stabcon on 12 April 2017 - 21:30

Potential NCO Cadre




Gambler Command will be running an NCO course in the very near future (Date TBC).


The course is open to anybody who would be interested in being an NCO at some point here at RG.



The aim of the course is to instruct candidates on all aspects of the NCO role, introduce them to the aspects of leadership and man management skills required in the role and to enhance the skills already learned within RG and Arma.


Course Details:

The course will offer candidates lessons on advanced signals, tactical thinking, working in high pressure environments, vehicle commanding and much more. Spread over 2 training sessions and a final exercise, candidates will be evaluated from the moment they load into the server to when they sign off. Assessments and individual feedback will be provided to all candidates at the end of the course. The course is designed to be testing, but fair. With the focus being on learning and growth.



To apply for a space on the course please send Lt. Tae and 2Lt, Stabcon a pm expressing your interest with a explanation of why you would like a slot. Slots are of limited availability so be sure to make your application a good one ;)



The course is open to anyone with the rank of Pvt or above. Current 2IC's who would like to brush up on their skills are also welcome to apply. 

Applicants should be able to attend all 3 sessions (most likely on a Friday night)



The tone of this post is for a reason, anyone thinking of applying should approach this with a serious head on their shoulders. Although we will strive to make the course as enjoyable as possible, the end goal itself is an important one. 

All applicants should approach the course with self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to enhance not just their own, but everybody else's experience here at RG.


Any questions feel free to PM me.


We look forward to your application!



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#10775 Intel

Posted by Mars on 15 September 2016 - 09:37


Captain Mars on behalf of Lieutenant Colonel Andrews - Command and Control


To all active duty task force soldiers, It is with great pleasure I can announce that we have accepted the invitation to join the Southern Cross games in Australia. We have no illusions about the big task that's ahead but I also feel that there is no one else more suited to win this than TFRG. We expect every unit to be ready, all gear to be in immaculate state and all minds to be completely focused on the challenges ahead.
Furthermore, Highroller (HQ) has past an executive order to move the entire task force out to Australia 4 weeks in advance. We're going to acclimatise there with a week and a half of sun, sea and fun, followed by two weeks of training in the scorching heat. We believe that none of the other units will be there at that time and thus we should be able to enjoy ourselves and train relatively private.Tickets have been arranged for everyone and flights should all be arriving sometime Sunday October 2nd. We'll be meeting up in the arrival lounge.Pack your sunscreen boys, we're off to Australia.

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#10746 Intel

Posted by Helios on 12 September 2016 - 17:48


#8119 D7 - Intel

Posted by Mars on 05 April 2016 - 08:35


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#16449 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by stabcon on 04 March 2018 - 23:05

Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon
RG Member: Villhelm
New Assignment: Staff Sergeant - Gambler 2IC (Maintaining Arrow leadership for time being)
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: Villhelm has been a steadfast member of RG for years, leading numerous squads, founding one and making missions for all to enjoy, it is my great pleasure to promote hiim to Staff Sergeant and 2IC of Gambler.


Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon
RG Member: Refurius
New Assignment: Corporal - Dussack 2IC
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: Refurius has proven himself a reliable and capable member of Dussack on numerous occasions, stepping up to lead when required and handling stressful situations with skill. It is my pleasure to have him help to lead Dussack into the future.



Issuing Officer: Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Seanster

New Assignment: Private First Class

Effective As: 04/03/2018

Comments: Seanster has proven himself a solid and efficient member of Dussack since he joined RG, steadfast and reliable he has earned promotion to PFC 


Issuing Officer:  Lt. Stabcon

RG Member: Blackhawk
New Assignment: Private
Effective As: 04/03/2018
Comments: After a successful recruit phase Blackhawk has shown to be a capable player and team member, he will be an asset to any squad and we wish him well with his future in RG.

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#15134 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by TAE on 06 September 2017 - 18:23

Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
RG Member: Daveo1996
New Assignment: Sergeant (Cpl) - Dussack 1iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017
Comments: Daveo has proven himself to be a reliable pillar of this community, a solid NCO and a worthy leader. This promotion is well deserved.


Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
RG Member: Wessy_NLD
New Assignment: Corporal (Cpl) - Cutlass 2iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017

Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
New Assignment: Corporal (Cpl) - Blade 2iC
Effective As: 06/09/2017

Comments: Both Kimbo and Wessy have shown great promise and loyalty to their squad and the community. They have set themselves on the path of an NCO and I'm confident that will not disappoint us.

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#14361 D9 Booster Pack

Posted by Mars on 30 May 2017 - 09:21



To all members,
For the upcoming deployment we have compiled a booster pack for you. This is a required pack.
This pack includes several mods that will be used in training for D9, during D9 and that can be used in some fun play after D9.

The file can be downloaded  here and is 1.2GB. Our servers are now updated with this pack for you to install and test prior to Wednesday. You will need the pack for training this Wednesday and every event thereafter, up until and including July 2nd.

For the modline/mod loading order, place the @D9_Booster_pack at the end after the @RG_modpack, or last in your ARMA Launcher sequence.

The Development team aims to make D9 as memorable as possible and this pack should hopefully make it possible.

Kind Regards,
The DEVs

#9606 Reality Gaming Task Force Mid-Year Review

Posted by Mars on 01 July 2016 - 10:06



Mid Year Review


We have seen many good moments in the the last year that has meant a RGTF that goes from strength to strength. Although the TF will always ebb and flow with its members, the last year has seen a steady increase of its base and long term committed members. We now have a solid and effective ground infantry backed by a ferocious special forces detachment and highly efficient air wing. We have seen both the support squads flourish with members attending and have got back to the 4 squad infantry platoon we had some time ago.
Development continues to aim to provide members with a unique and challenging experience be it in the form of our twice yearly deployments, the excellent and content rich modpacks or our standard Sunday operations and Wednesday training. We have eliminated technical issues that used to plague our pack releases and have diligently tested each and every Sunday mission to have the most stable Sunday operations I have ever be a part of at Reality Gaming. It's is incredibly rare that we now have issues that break immersion. I firmly believe each week we put out the best content for training and Sunday operations from all sections of any community and we have vibrant and varied mid week member generated missions to enjoy.
We also have great members, great staff, NCO's and officers that all pull together to make RG the success it is now. New members must be in awe at the operation we perform here on a weekly bases and I think that is firmly represented by the new member retention we enjoy today and it is thanks to our leaders and staff that we have the most professional and organised Arma3 community going.
It is now and has always been a privilege for me to serve as part of Reality Gaming and I can only smile at the possibilities for the second half of 2016 and into 2017.
I hope you will all join me as Reality Gaming continues to push the boundaries of Arma and prove there is no better community to be a part of.



Task Force Status

Continued exposure from Bohemia Interactive and RGTF taking part in events such as EndGame and Tanoa release live stream has us as one of the go-to communities in Europe and the world. We have seen a huge boost to member applications and those taking BCT (9 fresh BCT's completed last week alone). This will undoubtedly put pressure on the TF and I feel some clarification is also needed about how we proceed through 2016 and into D8.
As our popularity has grown, so has our demand for spaces on Sunday missions. We have not yet hit the 60 player limit for Sunday operations but I feel that this may not be too long coming. Technically we have more active members than slots, though LAO's have always taken us within our maximum.
Community capacity and numbers:

*The server limit will have to remain at 60 players for the foreseeable future, this is made up of the following:

Highroller: 2


Vegas: 8

Talon: 8

Total = 60 slots

While there has been some performance improvements to the Arma engine and we are expecting more in the coming weeks and moths, it is looking like this will only be able to enhance the game play of our existing members rather than giving us a significant overhead allowing us to increase numbers any further. It is important we protect the gaming experience of members we already have and play with us on a weekly basis.
We are continually pushing the bounds of what the modded Arma3 engine is capable of in large scale co-op operations with both our members and 150+ AI at any given time. We will therefore not be increasing our TF size in 2016 (baring some kind of miracle) and this should be taken into consideration when appointing members to squads and sections and especially looking forward to Deployment 8.



Reserves and auxiliaries:

It has been the case that reserve members are a TF reserve and not a squad/section reserve. Reserve members that sign up will always be allocated to their preferred Squad/Section in the first instance, though if that is not available, they will be asked to join a differing section slot, and then a differing section until the TF is at it's 60 limit.
Support sections that are full will roll over to Gamber. Gambler that is full will roll over to anywhere Platoon command needs them or Talon (thank you Talon for offering slots for members to be ground monkeys, door gunners, etc. if you have the space :)). Unless otherwise stated Highroller and Vegas will not take roll over members.
Although some slots may be present at slot selection (loadout choices etc), they are only filled up to the limit of each section. Once we are full, we are full.
My aim is therefore to have all squads and sections full of signed up and permanent members with a group of auxiliary, reserves or more casual players that fill spaces of members that LOA, fail to RSVP or are AWOL.



The sign up process:

As we will soon almost certainly have the case that we have more members signing up than we have Sunday slots, I am going to reiterate the sign up process (below). Although we have applied this for Deployment, this will also be the same process should we have more members than spaces for a Sunday operation and will trigger once sign ups surpass slots for any section.


*All members will be expected to be in their TS channel no later than 1745hrs on Sunday. Members not in channel at that time and without contacting their CO to report they will be late, will be assumed to be a no show and their slot reassigned.
Leader group, devs and mission critical units:
These members will automatically be given a slot in each mission before any other unit, however I ask you lead by example and sign up in good fashion, or LOA early so your role can be substituted.
Those RG members with a permanent slot in a squad or section:
RSPV to the mission diary event before Saturday 23:59hrs to secure your standard slot - go about your day.
If you have not signed up by this point, it will be assumed that you do not intend to attend the mission and your slot will be made available for reserve or auxiliary members
*Recruits or those that have made Private and above but are not assigned to a permanent slot in a squad or section:
RSVP to the mission at your earliest convenience but no later than Saturday 23:59hrs to be added to the reserve list - go about your day
Those on the reserve list will be assigned to ANY open slot after the Saturday deadline has passed in the following order:-
1. Donators with Silver rank or higher AT THE TIME OF THEIR RSVP SIGN UP AND REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT assigned in time order (as per RSVP timestamp).
2. Those that have have signed up to the mission first (as per RSVP timestamp)
Sunday morning (before midday GMT), the full mission slots will be posted with the members assigned including any reserves up to our section limits. Attached will also be a 'reserve list' of surplus members in the order as stated above. These members will be slotted Sunday evening at 17:45 into positions that have become available due members that are no-show or late LOA's of slotted members
Members on this list will not be guaranteed a slot in the mission but if they are in the 'reserve and recruits' TS channel at 1745hrs (15 minutes before go time) they may be slotted - (in rank order stated above) - to open slots - please note, you may be asked to fill ANY role that the TF needs at the time.


Sign ups that add themselves to the list after the cutoff:
*These members will go to the end of queue regardless of Rank, position, longevity, donation etc. - no exceptions
What this means:
If you find you are on a reserve list totalling 20 members and you are ranked 19th then you're almost certainly not going to be able to slot on Sunday and it's probably not worth turning up on Sunday evening to TS (unless you really want to or just hang out!).
If you are on the reserve list and find yourself at a high Rank, say 3rd, then there is a chance you will be able to slot and it's your choice if you would like to idle in the TS channel for a free slot if it becomes available.



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#9028 [MODS] Mods used by RealityGaming

Posted by Helios on 02 June 2016 - 08:23




ARMA 3 Modification Files

There are a lot of modifications available for ARMA 3, and we in RG (Reality Gaming) uses several as well to enhance our gameplay. These can be small sound or vehicle mods, or can be big overhaul mods like RHS and our own internally build modpack. We try to find a balance on our updates as well, just to make you no-one is forced to download new mods every week and that we also don't lag behind to much with outdated mods.


Once you've been given access to the files by completing your interview phase, you can download the mods from the download section. The 'Required Mods' are the files you must have installed in order to play on our servers. The 'Optional Mods' are the mods that are allowed on the server to be used, but are not required.


Please note that you can only use the mods we have on our website. Since we update the mods on our own timeframe, you can't use the Steam Workshop, nor mods updated with A3Sync from other sources.

If there is an update of mods, the DEV Team, and only the DEV Team, will let everyone know what to update when. This way everyone will be on the same version at all time. If you are on a different version, our server will kick you.


Installation of the mods is easy. Download the required files from our website and copy the extracted folder (the folder you need starts with an '@', so @RG_pack and @ALiVE,...) to your main ARMA 3 Directory.

Important to note is that, within the @RG_Pack folder, there is a folder called 'userconfig'. This folder needs to be copied over to the main ARMA 3 directory as well.


If you have any problems installing the mods, do not hesitate to contact any staff member within RG to help you with this.


READ ME URGENT: (By Andrews)


RG Use a mod set that works well together. Our mods are rarely the latest version due to creators updating frequently.




Failure to do so may have you arriving for training or ops with improper or incomparable kit. It is each members responsibility to make sure they have the right mods at the right time.

#4190 [NEWS] We need you for Deployment

Posted by Andrews on 12 July 2015 - 13:29






Reality Gaming Community are pleased to invite you to our 6th Official Annual Deployment. 


 Crimson Dragon



About Us

  We are a large, well established mature community of 18+ MilSim enthusiasts.  We are looking for soldiers who are interested in joining a diverse, leading international gaming community. Our experienced group treat one another with mutual respect while following a relaxed code of conduct, we maintain a serious and effective attitude in-game to deliver our high standards. 




What is a deployment at Reality Gaming?


  Our community has been conducting operations every Sunday for over 7 years. We have hosted hundreds of online events during 2015 and have provided a quality friendly gaming experience for 1000's of online soldiers. Every year our core DEV and Staff team focus their resources on producing the most challenging, engaging, dynamic campaign available.   
This combined collaboration has led us to creating the most memorable, intense experience available within the ARMAVERSE, we'd like to invite you to join us for this, our 6th Deployment.   

Times and Selection:

  Note: We have several skilled roles available for those who wish to participate. We will provide full training to those who are over 18 and have a can do attitude. Our mantra is quality over quantity, meaning we are looking for those who fit in and aid our established organisation. 




Deployment starts September 2015 (6 months planning) and will last 4 weeks.  







Deployment Background:

 Deployment information will be provided in news feeds as we move closer to the event. The RG Task Force will be operating against the Chinese and Russian armed forces in Crimson Dragon.  If you are interested in becoming part of RG and wish to participate in this exciting, unique MilSim event, click the details below and apply now. 



 Good luck and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


 The Reality Gaming Team

#16972 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by Andrews on 10 May 2018 - 09:14

Issuing Officer: Lt.Col.Andrews

RG Member: Helios
New Assignment: Talon Specialist
Effective as of: 10th May 2018
Comments: Following several years of service in HQ Helios has returned and been transferred to Talon. Goof luck have fun!

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#14725 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by Andrews on 09 July 2017 - 20:21

Issuing Officer: Lt.Col.Andrews
RG Member: Capt.Helios
New Assignment: Task Force Commander
Effective As: 02/07/2017
Comments: Following Maj.Mars retiring with full RG honours. Capt.Helios will now be in command of the RG Task Force. Helios is a tried and tested leader, developer and contributor at Reality Gaming, we all wish him the best in his new role.

#14549 [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

Posted by TAE on 21 June 2017 - 18:32

Issuing Officer: 1Lt.TAE
RG Member: Shadow/Macedo
New Assignment: Dishonorable Discharged
Effective as of: June 21st 2017
Comments:  After having been granted an nigh endless amount of second chances, including being allowed re-entry under a new name & identity after a previous discharge, we were left with no other option than to issue an immediate and ultimate dishonorable discharge. We believe in the idea that everyone deserves a second chance and that there is a place in RG for everyone, as such dishonorable discharges are rare and thus even more significant when issued.

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