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@  Andrews (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 18:56) If you visited the page before its heavily cached so you need to hard refresh - if you have any fixes pls let me lknow :)
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 20:48) well personally u can just rename the css and it should be good
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 20:48) that way people won't have to do a hard refresh
@  Andrews (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 21:21) thanks the site has been updated lemme know if anyone has issues
@  Obi (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 16:56) Gotta have some Faith of the Heart... or the highlight video from last nights op from 3-0 POV.
@  CAESAR (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 17:44) :wub:
@  Guss (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 21:53) That ending brought tears to my eyes 😢
@  Andrews (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 10:08) testing new forum update select 3.0 from the themes - send all feedback/bugs to me via PM thanks
@  Obi (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 14:18) New site stuff is looking great. Always nice to get a fresh coat of paint :)
@  Aatoshi (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 15:43) New site looking sexy, I like it
@  Andrews (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 17:06) Still working with the team on the theme and bits. Any bugs guys please PM me all work in progress - thanks to stabs and obi for the help so far
@  Viktor (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 18:40) New cover page looks catchy!
@  AHM (Wed 08 Apr 20 - 14:09)

The new theme's looking pretty slick.

@  Shlee (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 11:16)

Nice one Zezzek mvp

@  Shlee (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 11:25)

you too TAE :)

@  Andrews (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 11:34)

Yes mate great contributions from legends

@  Andrews (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 13:44)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Enigma. View Enigma's Profile

@  Andrews (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 13:45)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Hood. View Hood's Profile

@  Guss (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 17:43)

Hitman 2016 is free till sunday afternoon.

@  The Icarus (Thu 09 Apr 20 - 18:08)

Also 80% discounts on Steam

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Posted By:  Villhelm @ 06 April 2020 - 17:14




Wednesday 08/04/20 - Schedule and Agenda

Training - 19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


All recruits or any member that has not completed BCT is to report to Villhelm to be assigned onto basic training for the first hour


  • 18:55- Recruit Assignment & Load Onto Server
  • 19:00- Taskforce Briefing
  • 19:05- Training Begins
  • 20:45- Training End & Debrief


Gambler - Individual 


Talon - Individual


Vegas - Individual




Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:





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Toggle %s Operation Andorii

Posted By:  CAESAR @ 03 April 2020 - 04:14





ISSUE DATE: 13/03/2020

The hostilities between the Andorian Republic and Vulcan Separatist Movement erupted nearly six months ago, Andoria refuses to commit ground occupation forces to siege the towns and cities under Vulcan control and thus the Separatists have been allowed to endure, scarcely more than under the cosh of the Andorian military might. However, the situation has changed, the movement that should be low on supplies, assets and morale have been resupplied with a fresh sense of optimism, air support and artillery capability. Whomever has resupplied the movement has done so via the T'Pau airfield, once of the first scalps the Vulcans took as the insurrection played out. Andorian armoured and mechanised divisions remain south of the front line, but the Navy has offered to insert an assault group deep into their territory to capture or destroy the T'Pau airstrip. If successful, Andorian divisions will sweep in from the south to establish new footholds.
Operation Andorii. The plans have been laid, weapons cleaned and kit prepared. Taskforce RG are combat jumping into Northern Chernarus to retake the T'Pau airfield from Vulcan separatists.


  • 2x CH53E 
  • 2x UH1Y MG


Rearm/Refuel assets are available





Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent


Seize and hold T'Pau Airfield.


Locate the missing Commando Plane




Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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